June 25, 2020

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Looking for ways to improve your sex life?

Here is the second part of A Dozen Ways To Make It Happen.

(Read part 1 here)

In the first part we explored things like:

“Being a Sex Sleuth”
“Know what makes your spouse feel loved”
“Think “pleasure,” not performance”

Now we’ll continue.

7. Be playful.

Sex doesn’t have to always been intense and dramatic. Enjoy yourself and have fun. Be silly and let yourself play.Couples feet in bed

8. Try different positions.

Experimenting with different sexual positions can add novelty and interest to lovemaking, but it can also alleviate problems.  For instance, when a man enters his spouse from behind, it increases stimulation to the G-spot and helps her experience orgasm.

9. Exercise and be active.

Exercise will increase your blood flow, improve your mood, and help you to feel alive and in touch with your body.  Almost any physical activity will benefit your experience in the bedroom, but there is an added benefit to doing something new and active with your spouse.  Try an escape room experience together.  Take dancing lessons or do yoga with each other. The point is to stay physically active.

10. Don’t compare

Never compare lovemaking with your mate with sex in a previous relationship. No one likes to be compared.  Comparisons can lead to insecurities and resentment. And just as people have different personalities, we also have different sexual preferences and desires. Get to know your mate and create new memories with him/her.

11. Be well-rested.

It is difficult to be passionate and “into” sex when you are exhausted, so it is essential to get some rest.  Of course, it can be challenging to find time to rest with busy schedules and responsibilities demanding our time.  One thing that you can control, however, is your time on your phone and the internet. Put the phone down, shut down the computer, and go to bed with your spouse.

12. Be intentional about sex.

Make room in your schedule for sex.  You don’t have to schedule sex, although some have found this to be helpful. Create space on your calendar for downtime when sex might happen.  If every minute of every day is scheduled, there is no room for spontaneity.  Schedule weekends away periodically and plan a vacation at least once a year.  Some of the best sex and the best memories are made in new places when you are free of the pressures of life at home.

And the final word, #13 or the “baker’s dozen,” is, “Don’t give up!”  Do what it takes to stay connected sexually throughout the years of your relationship. Seek professional help, whether it be from a physician or sex therapist or counselor.  Enrich your marriage and sex life by attending marriage seminars, retreats, or even getting online marriage help. Sex can get better and better as you and your mate evolve and grow together in this vital area.

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