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40 Days to a Thriving Relationship

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About this course

LoveRecon's 40 Days to a Thriving Relationship e-Course

This e-Course is an interactive and practical guide to relational growth and deeper connection between partners in a relationship.  Using proven concepts applied in a fresh way, it provides a “roadmap’ for mutual relationship satisfaction. Couples will find the daily exercises to be insightful, helpful and enjoyable. Each day you will learn and practice a proven and effective relationship tool.  This e-Course will help you discover more about yourself and your mate and experience the closeness that you have always wanted.  You’re only 40 days away from a thriving relationship!

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Introduction to 40 Days to a Thriving Relationship

Congratulations!  By registering for this e-Course you and your spouse have begun a journey into deeper love and a mutually satisfying relationship that will bless not only you, but everyone that you know and love. You will be introduced to relationship tools that will transform you and your relationship and will continue to do so if you will use them.

This guide will help you to use the LoveRecon tools that will “tether your hearts” to one another. You won’t do it perfectly and at times you may feel frustrated or awkward as you attempt to connect in meaningful ways with your spouse. These are new skills, so those feelings are completely normal.

1 Chapter

Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 in your 40-Day Journey!

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