Communicating With Your Man: How to Increase Intimacy

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Communicating With Your Man: How to Increase Intimacy

July 30, 2019

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Communication Tip: How to increase Intimacy And Passion In Your Relationship

What does a relationship really need? What does it take to develop a healthy relationship with your partner? How do you go about making these things happen? No doubt passion, trust, and communication are crucial parts of a relationship, but to a man intimacy remains one of the most important. Even psychologists say that couples on good sexual terms and intimate communication tend to develop a healthier relationship than ones who don’t.

Concerned about the real meaning of intimacy? How to increase intimacy between two people refers to both of them following, caring, and loving each other truly for who they are. There aren’t barriers to hide behind, but rather just a simple honesty that helps couples develop a healthier relationship. Learn more about our live events on how to make your relationship dynamite.

So, you want to know how to communicate with your man to increase your intimacy with him? Well, if you want to make your man feel like a man, keep reading and learn more about boosting intimacy with him.

Psychologists say that more than half of all people enrolling in marriage counseling or relationship counseling are going through similar problems. They can’t bond to their partner as much as they want. And the only thing lacking may be better communication. Setting aside an intimate life with your partner is very important and good communication can solve virtually every problem between you two.

Proven Ways on How to Increase Your Intimacy

For many, intimacy is feeling safe yet satisfied when they’re around their partner while others may regard it as a healthy sexual life. Don’t worry because we’ve compiled a list of 6 proven tips to ease your communication with your man to increase intimacy.

1.     Avoid Emotional Conversations

Though every relationship is filled with emotional conversations to some extent, make sure not to exaggerate sensitive talks at all times. It wouldn’t be appropriate to talk about your problems during his favorite football game, right? You wouldn’t have all his attention.

Emotional topics should be discussed when you’re at home together during some quiet down time. This is when you’ll have more of his attention. This may help you feel closest to him (because of no distractions) when you bring up sensitive talks and it’s no doubt one of the most beautiful feelings in the world.

Share your thoughts with him during more down or relaxed time and it’ll definitely make him feel more at ease to listen better.

2.     Never Keep Secrets

When you’re in a serious relationship, don’t keep secrets from your spouse. Share everything about your work as well as social life. When he knows that there’s nothing he doesn’t know about you, he’ll find more ways to connect and have fun, flirt or even go to bed early! With healthy communication your relationship tends to grow strong and mature.

On the other hand, without effective communication you will most likely lose the urge to talk about everything happening throughout the day causing you guys to drift apart to some extent.

3.     Make your Man Feel Like a Man To Heighten Intimacy and Passion

Sometimes it’s difficult to open up – especially for women. The best way to overcome this issue is by taking the first step. Take adequate steps to make your man feel like a man. Little flirts and compliments can go along way when he knows that you’re doing everything you can to have a better and more intimate connection. Don’t forget to have a little fun with this one…even if it means asking him to open the pickle jar because he’s so strong!  Then, watch the fun change in him and enjoy his smile. This is all part of the secret to knowing how important a great sex life is with your mate.

4.     Give Credit

Letting him know how well he’s doing in the morning can lighten up his day. Make your man feel like a man by giving him his due credit for cute expressions, gestures, and his effort towards you. If you’re someone who relates intimacy with good communication, this might be the best shot you have.

Some psychologists reported that couples in marriage counseling or relationship counseling said they didn’t get enough communication even if they felt like they deserved it. Specifically, men said they would rather talk about things instead of fighting over them. Note that most men would rather talk positives and negatives of things when they are bothering you. And give credit where it’s due.

5.     Ease the Routine

When you get into a relationship with someone, you’re going to learn so much more than you learned about them as just a friend. When you begin to develop routines remember to keep things predictable and easily manageable. Have fun on those dates together and be sure to, as mentioned above, give credit where due, compliment and flirt.  Men always love it when their woman is a little flirty.

6.     Touching, Touching and More Touching

Touch is also a type of effective communication in relationships. Physiology proves that when we’re in contact with people we love, our blood pressure rises and our hormones elevate – sometimes leading to intimate behavior. And if you really love him, you’ll definitely understand the healing power of a hug.

Touch while you walk, cuddle while you’re watching a movie on the sofa and lock arms/hold hands  every now and then to promote a healthy and intimate relationship. The type of touch easily communicates your feelings for him.

7.     End Every talk With a Kiss…a REAL Kiss

Communication can be hard, because not every talk will end with your desired reaction. So, one tip to getting his attention is to be a little touchy when you’re talking together. Develop a new ritual, if you will, of a nice kiss every time you end a deeper conversation, either of you leave for work or even going to sleep. It’ll help you to calm the conditions and ends the conversion with a pleasant and warming conclusion.

Moreover, ending conversations with a kiss also shows that even though you may have disagreed with the conclusion, you still want to be with him. And that’s a very good sign. A kiss is like gifting the most beautiful essence of yourself to your partner at the end of each and every conversation.

Final Verdict: On How To Increase Intimacy

In a nutshell, effective communication is the foundation of a healthier relationship with more passion, romance and yes, intimacy. All marriage counseling and relationship counseling psychologists will tell you the same. But if, by any chance, you’re failing to increase intimacy with your man, comment down the problem and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

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