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Live Event in Atlanta, GA
January 27 – 30, 2021

Marriage’s are Falling Apart at an Alarming Rate
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YES! I Want to Save My Marriage - I Want to Know More!


•Infidelity – Causes a lack of trust and betrayal
•Money – Causes stress and anxiety
•Communication Issues– Leads to resentment, frustration and isolation
•Constant Fighting and Arguing – Not willing to see each other’s point of view, not feeling heard or appreciated
•Lack of Intimacy – You may not need sex but your relationship does

A healthy relationship is built on a solid foundation of love, friendship and communication. Given the right tools you can create the relationship you always dreamed of. Find out how to improve your marriage by taking a few minutes on this page.
You’ll be glad did.

Restore a Healthy Foundation and Reconnect With Your Partner In Our Fast-Paced And Results Driven Marriage Retreat.

Live Event in Atlanta, GA
January 27 – 30, 2021

YES! I Want to Save My Marriage - I Want to Know More!

New and Improved Workshops to
Save Your Marriage are Finally Here!

  • This program comes from 25 years of conducting highly successful marriage and relationship seminars using proven techniques.
  • We have an 80% success rate in saving marriages that have already filed for divorce. Come prepared to destroy your divorce papers!
  • Our program has proven to be effective when counseling has been unsuccessful.
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee (Must complete the full program)

Live Event in Atlanta, GA
January 27 – 30, 2021

Here’s What you Can Expect at Our 4-Day Marriage Seminar

Day 1 Finding Your Starting Place and Where You See Your Future as a Couple

  • Awareness of how your past is affecting your present
  • Clear picture of the state of your relationship
  • How to dissect an argument for easy resolution
  • How to attack a problem without attacking each other
  • How to balance giving and receiving in your relationship
  • How not to take advantage or be taken advantage of
  • How to give and receive love in a meaningful way

Day 2 Identifying and Addressing the Baggage and Damage

  • How to make your mate and relationship a priority
  • How to get the validation, you always needed
  • How to recognize the old baggage weighing you down
  • How to recognize and break down walls
  • How to release anger, resentment and bitterness

Day 3 Releasing the Past for a New Future

  • How to reboot your relationship
  • How to create a satisfying sex life
  • How to identify and meet your mates needs and desires
  • Easy steps to conflict management and resolution
  • How to move forward and move out of the past
  • How to unleash the love in your relationship
  • How to discover your purpose
  • Learn the greatest gift you can give yourself
  • How to release yourself from guilt and shame

Day 4 Building Upon New Foundations for Stronger Growth

  • Define your new identify
  • Celebrate your new beginning
  • How to set healthy boundaries

YES! I Want to Save My Marriage - I Want to Know More!

LoveRecon Success Stories

Going in for LoveRecon and LifeRecon I came expecting change! Why? Because my sponsor aka my friend that told my wife and I about the program said you will get 100% more back what effort you put into the event! I did not know exactly what that meant but I got it!

My wife and I connected on an emotional level! We grew together in ways we had not in years! We are spiritually stronger, emotionally healthier and more equipped than ever after the event which was back in September of 2018. We learned information and tools to work through the challenges of life! Life moves pretty fast and if you don’t stop to look around awhile, you could miss it!

Well I am seeing more clearly now than ever what is important! The conversations we have now even with four little kids under 12 , 9, 7, and 2 are deeper and more meaningful. We make time for each other. That is a great gift we took away from Love Recon.

As a busy couple we are worth investing into even though we are busy. If I had one wild card to play and that was to encourage a person or a couple to go to Love Recon I would play it for anyone reading this message board! Go! Go expecting change! Go knowing answers are going to be found! I believe in their ability to help any couple reconnect, bond or at least get traction on how to move forward in life together! To have seen how they supported the journey of single people looking for direction or sorting out life’s curves balls was amazing! There is something every one of us can get from the Love Recon event. 5 stars, Go, you will be amazed! Good luck, stay hopeful! God be with all who read this!

Dr. Aaron Chapa

LoveRecon Graduates

I got to discover there was a lot of forgiveness I needed for myself.  Not necessarily for others but for myself and I needed to forgive God for the anger I held towards him for things that had happened negatively in my life. In doing so, I got to find that love for myself, so I can properly love my wife as well.  – Aaron

I needed to learn how to trust more. I needed to forgive my husband.  In all of that in the forgiveness, I found I’m now trusting my husband more and being able to be more vulnerable in our relationship. – Ashley

Don’t hesitate … come! Just Drop everything and come because you will never regret it, not for one second.  It will be the best decision you ever made.

Aaron & Ashley

LoveRecon Graduates

I think we both agree everything has changed, the communication, conflict resolution, our forgiveness, openness, optimism – just everything!  – April

Come do it, because it’s a life-changing experience.  When I first came in here, I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t really know how to act or what do. By day 3 everything started changing around for me and I’m leaving a different person that what I came in by far. – Quinton

April & Quinton

LoveRecon Graduates

I had the opportunity to rekindle the fire with my wife. I had the opportunity to forgive those who I perceived tried to sabotage and all kind of crazy things for us.  So, we learned to forgive and I forgave myself which was more important than anything else. – AJ

I unpacked a lot of baggage that I thought I didn’t have anymore. I got tremendous inner peace and I noticed our communication has changed. I’m using the tools for communicating and listening and being present in the moment and respecting what he is saying and that has helped a great deal. – Shebra

You need to sign up and you’ve got to come!  It will change your life.

AJ & Shebra

LoveRecon Graduates

If you want a life changing experience. An experience that will take your marriage to the next level. To have a marriage that is better than you could have ever imagined and will enhance your life and personal outlook then LoveRecon is what you need. 

I am so thankful my wife and I went through this program. No matter what state your marriage is in, this program can and will help! – Nelson 

This is truly a life changing experience! It will save you and save your marriage! I highly recommend everyone from engaged to married for 50 years to go! – Rhiannon

Nelson & Rhiannon

LoveRecon Graduates

We use life games, interactive drills and real-life scenarios enabling you to dig deep and move forward into the future you desire.

We create a safe environment for healing and growth come experience a life-changing event!

Reignite the Love and Passion In Your Relationship Now!


Remember the excitement and fireworks in the beginning of your relationship? Imagine how you will feel when you leave LoveRecon with hope for your future, a new purpose, a clean slate and refreshed loving feelings for your mate and yourself.

This is the Best Marriage Seminar in Existence!

Designed to Take Your Marriage to a New Level – GUARANTEED!


Our unique 4-day couples’ intensive workshop has been developed and finely tuned over many years. Our team of certified marriage coaches and guides are committed to help hurting couples, just like you, to reconstruct, restore and reconnect in their marriage and their relationship like never before.

You can have confidence in our life games, drills and real-life scenarios that will help you break through barriers and reignite the fun, excitement and passion you once had.

Live Event in Atlanta, GA
January 27 – 30, 2021

YES! I Want to Save My Marriage - I Want to Know More!

Atlanta, GA

January 27 – 30, 2021

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