How to Fix a Relationship through an Interactive Alternative to Marriage Counseling in Duluth, GA

Our Alternative Approach Offers a Breakthrough to Traditional Marriage Counseling

Restore a Healthy Foundation and Reconnect With Your Partner In Our Alternative Marriage Counseling Event

  • Frustrated with the way your relationship is going?
  • Frustrated with the direction your relationship is headed?
  • Have anxiety issues about your relationship?
  • Has a breach of trust caused serious damage?
  • Wondering if relationship counseling is even worth it?
  • If you are having difficulty with how to fix a relationship, we can help.

At LoveRecon, we don’t just give an alternative to marriage counseling; we help you make your marriage work.

Through our specialized four-day interactive couples retreat, you and your partner can sort out your issues in a secure and controlled environment. In the process, you will reignite that spark in your relationship and regain your self-esteem as well!

The LoveRecon retreat will help you resolve your marital issues and rediscover yourselves as individuals. Over time, you will experience a renewed energy in your relationship. It’s like tying the knot all over again!

Not Your Typical Marrige Counseling Event

Dig Deep into Your Personal and Marriage Experiences

At LoveRecon, we believe that developing self-love will help in developing your love for your spouse. This is very different but proven result of our 4-day life coaching event. Through this retreat, you will be able to fully acknowledge the person you are. In turn, you will be able to appreciate your significant other’s perception of you.

We make use of interactive and experiential drills and activities. After a period of self-discovery and transparency, you can then help share your inner-self with your spouse.

Our approach is clear, solution focused and effective.

Slowly, you and your spouse will let go of your dislikes, laying yourself bare and ready to love again.

The majority of our graduates have acknowledged the LoveRecon event as a top five milestone in their lives. In fact, 80% of couples who attended the event were able to save their marriage…They not only stayed married, but they also felt like newlyweds after the retreat!

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Reconstruct | Restore | Reconnect

LoveRecon Event Information

Here at LoveRecon, our approach is dynamic and goes far beyond interrogation. Our exercises will help you rediscover who you are inside. We will help you let go of that spite and help you trust your spouse once more.

In your four-day retreat, you will be asked to participate in drills and exercises from which you learn life-changing skills.

LoveRecon Benefits

  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Become an Effective Listener for Your Partner
  • Deepen Intimacy and Connection
  • Develop Relationship Awareness
  • Learn Healthy Conflict Skills
  • Heal from Past Relational Damage
  • Rebuild Trust
  • Learn & Fulfill each Other’s Needs
  • Rekindle & Increase your Love
  • Develop a Strategy for Future Success

Have the Relationship You Deserve

With LoveRecon, you will spend as much time examining your personal self as you spend on your relational issues. We firmly believe that the first step to healing the relationship is healing yourselves.

Want to get rid of that years-long itch, and find true love with your spouse again?

Sign up with the LoveRecon program, and experience an interactive alternative to dramatic, traditional couples counseling.

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Your Relationship IS Worth It.