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ReconCoaching -Making the Most of the COVID -19 Pandemic.

Recon Personal and Relationship Coaching is the perfect online experience to help you move your life and/or your relationships forward.

  • Gain clarity and direction for yourself and/or your relationship.
  • Learn to communicate in a fresh and meaningful way.
  • Find peace and harmony.
  • Acquire the tools needed to enhance your life and/or relationship.
  • Learn what is blocking you and preventing you from moving forward.
  • Envision your desired future with a personal coach to help you make it a reality.
  • Enjoy the safety, convenience and effectiveness of online or telephone coaching sessions in your own home or office.

How We Can Help?

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information for your life/relationship needs.

Being “stuck” at home during this season of COVID-19 doesn’t mean that you have to become stuck in your life and marriage/relationship. “Social distancing” doesn’t have to mean “emotional distancing”.

You have a unique opportunity to improve your life and relationship(s). Why not use this time of shutdown to refresh, restore and refocus - personally and relationally?

Recon Coaching is one of the best gifts that you could
give yourself and your relationship.

ReconCoaching sessions are currently being offered
by online video conference or phone.

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Even before the rise of COVID-19, this has proven to be a convenient and effective means of helping individuals and couples achieve their desired outcomes:

  • Renew your passion for life
  • Dump any baggage from past relationships
  • Restore your confidence in yourself and your future
  • Define your purpose and set goals
  • Refresh your stale relationship


"Using techniques developed in decades of marriage and life coaching Recon Coaches are easily able to help identify not only your growth areas but also your strengths.

I know that they have been a huge help to me personally in developing my life and career. They have also coached me in healing from a bad marriage and now in creating a healthy one.

Whether your life and relationships need a little tune up or a complete overhaul, Recon coaches have the insight and expertise to guide you through the process of healing and restoration".

– Jeremy W, TX

Benefits of Online Coaching:

  • Renew your passion for life
  • Dump any baggage from past relationships
  • Restore your confidence in yourself and your future
  • Define your purpose and set goals
  • Refresh your stale relationship

Experience the help, hope and healing that so many have discovered. Book your free phone session or online inventory and consultation today!

LoveRecon 100% Money Back Guarantee
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"We're thankful for Recon Coaching. When we were at the lowest places of our lives, when shackles of shame and guilt imprisoned us, and self-numbing consumed us, when we had nothing left to give and didn't even believe in ourselves, these people did. Thank God they did"!  

– Valerie M, MO

"Thank you, Recon Coaches, for being the caring people that you are, for helping me sort through life, getting my McNugget screwed on straight, and helping me get to this point where I can move forward and love again". 

– Eric G, TX

"ReconCoaching programs amazing! If you need to better yourself or your marriage look no further"! 

– Timothy C, CA

Are you ready to experience deep and satisfying love – the relationship that you have always dreamed of?

Recon Couples Coaching will help you refresh, restore and refocus as a couple or begin again and get it right this time!

There is no “one-size-fits-all” coaching with ReconCoaching.

We do not do traditional counseling or therapy.

In life coaching, we work with motivated individuals and couples to identify what they want and then provide the tools to get there.

Unlike some counseling or therapy, it’s a solution-focused process.


“The most important investment you can make in life is in yourself! My Recon Coach not only had tremendous insight, but helped me navigate through the most difficult relationship decisions that were affecting the rest of my life.”

– Donna K, NY

“With my Recon Coach, I was able to do in four sessions what I had been unable to do in 5 years of therapy.”

-Krissa J, FL

"Our decision to use Recon Coaching for pre-marital coaching undoubtedly set our marriage on a stronger foundation than had we been left to our own devices. We entered coaching knowing that we loved each other, but we left knowing how to love each other. Whether it was helping resolve issues in the present and/or past, or building the skills to handle future potential issues in our
marriage, our Recon Coaches provided heartfelt, and unbiased advice to help us navigate our life together."

-Joe K, TX

There are two options to get started:

Free Phone Session with one of our Master Recon Coaches.

You will be asked what area(s) you would like to focus on and the coach will then explain if and how ReconCoaching can help.

Call 866-218-1716 to make an appointment for your free Session.

Inventory and Consultation for Couples.

If you’re ready to begin, then you and your mate will each be sent an online inventory. Following the completion of the inventory, a 75-minute session will be scheduled in which a Recon Coach will explain your results, highlight your strengths and growth areas and give suggestions on improving the areas that you would like to improve.

Regularly $250, this option is available for only $175/couple and includes the cost of the online inventory.