August 22, 2019

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How to Avoid an Affair and Hurting the One You Love

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Top Tips On How To Avoid An Affair

Love, they say, brings two souls together and makes them become one. But a bridge in the flow of this precious feeling can change the good story entirely and transform it into a different one. Love is not just a beautiful thing, but a flow of strong energy that is beyond comprehension. If you have truly loved someone before, you understand the importance of the closeness of the relationship.

Despite how beautiful it is, there is one thing with enough power to change all that it has to offer into living hell and put an end to all those joyous moments. This is no more destructive force to a relationship than either person having an extramarital affair. Here you’ll see how to avoid an affair. This unfaithful act is considered by most to be the atomic bomb of a blissful relationship and is powerful enough to cause devastating ruin.

In addition to destroying a beautiful union, it causes hatred, lack of trust, anger, hurt and a host of other bad emotions.  Having realized this, you can’t afford to allow this atomic bomb detonate in your marriage or relationship.  So, it is important to find ways to avoid extramarital affairs at all cost.

This is not restricted to a particular gender as both men and women have blood running through their veins.  Anyone could fall victim of having an extramarital affair.

To find a lasting solution to this relationship and marriage destroyer, we’ve been able to share these 6 tried and true ways to prevent extramarital affairs and live a good life with the man or woman you love.

1. Talk, Talk, Talk Is Key To Avoiding an Affair

When it comes to preventing a form of extramarital affairs, there is nothing as effective as you and your spouse establishing good communication habits. This is quite simply the main point and foundation of a good relationship and no marriage help professional could emphasize it enough.  Lack of communication is the root of almost every marital problem.  Lack of good communication can create a chasm of distance between you.  And then, the issues begin to compound.

To prevent this, all you have to do is maintain a good level of communication by talking with your partner.  Talk about how your day went.  Share topics like common dreams, interests, difficulties, savings, and future endeavors and goals together. This part of being in a relationship never ends. You must keep it up to enjoy your relationship or marriage at its peak.  It plants seeds of growth together into the future and helps you both to focus on the long view for your relationship.

2. Always Remain Up to Date With Each Other’s Needs

As simple as this might sound, neglecting this one area tends to cause damage in your relationship. This is not about material or financial needs.  It’s not about “functional” needs like who will take out the trash or pick up the kids.  This is about emotional needs like honesty, security, faithfulness, nurture, respect, fun, affection, etc.  .

Getting to know your partner’s needs and sharing yours with your partner has a way of fostering good will toward satisfying each other’s needs. As a result, you can expect to increase your intimacy and level of understanding of each other.

3. Take Weekend Trips Together With Passion

Every marriage can seem to be perfect with the right marriage help.  But there is a holy grail that many do not take advantage of or may not even consider. And that is taking a weekend trip together with your spouse. This has a way of taking your mind in wonderful directions with your spouse and can add unimaginable excitement to your relationship.  Use to find romantic and exciting weekend getaways to enjoy together.

What most people want when they consider having an extramarital affair is the excitement, fun and craziness that’s missing in their marriages even if it’s taboo. To satisfy this, people may give into this craving to meet legitimate needs in a destructive way, like an affair.

If you don’t want this to happen in your relationship, you must find ways to keep the fire burning.  And some of the best ways to do that is by taking those weekend getaways together or even going to relationship events together. Doing this will keep you spark imagination and adventure away from your everyday life and help you have more fun with your spouse. Imagine visiting a new place and doing things new to both of you, facing excitement together and overcoming relationship obstacles at the same time.

During this time together, you will create a new level of closeness and intimacy. Not to mention having a great time together on new adventures.

4. Have Same-Sex Friends

Having good same-sex friends is one of the best things that you can do to learn how to avoid an affair. In either a relationship or marriage, your spouse can’t possibly provide for your every emotional need. That is why it’s best to have same-sex friends to act as support.  When you need extra support or even a shoulder to cry on, then a same sex friend can be much safer than an opposite sex friend or coworker. This is especially true during times of emotional vulnerability.  At such times you’re weak and may fall into an extramarital affair.  This will most definitely ruin your beautiful marriage.

A good friend will encourage you in hard times, be your personal life sounding board and also act as someone to boost your spirits when you feel down and defeated.  You might even take some good emotions back home to your spouse.

5. Play Together

In every relationship, one of the best ways to prevent extramarital affairs is by making your spouse a playmate. Doing this will increase your level of intimacy and increase your love for each other. You can do this by playing a sport that you love together, engaging in a hobby that you both enjoy, or spontaneously dancing in the kitchen or making love in a different part of the house.

Remember, being married doesn’t mean you should let your love grow lukewarm.  It’s good to be hot together and enjoy some unscheduled excitement to help your relationship stand the test of time. Consider this to be some of the best marriage help you can get.

6. Always Take an Active Interest in Your Partner’s Life

When we talk about life, we don’t just mean things that pertain to you. What we’re referring to is what your partner likes or is interested in as well. This includes career, dreams, goals, daily activities and much more. Doing this sends a clear signal to your spouse that you’re dedicated to him or her. And this has a way of making your partner love and appreciate you more and grow closer and more dedicated to you and your marriage..




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