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Anxiety in Your Marriage

What to do About Anxiety in Your Marriage Anxiety in marriage is bound to happen at one point, especially in the beginning. You are sure that you are ready to spend the rest of your life with somebody, but then get anxious when you think too much about it. You may...

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5 Tips for Avoiding the Holiday Blues

The 2018 Holiday Season is just getting started. It’s a favorite time of year and a time of celebration for the majority of people. They look forward to and are excited about spending time with family, eating holiday meals, exchanging gifts, telling stories and giving updates about their lives.

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5 Main Reasons To Go To A Couples Retreat

Many people attend a couples retreat because they want to have a romantic time with their significant other. There are also people who think that retreats are only for people with marriage problems. However, there are benefits that all couples can reap from going on a...

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What to Consider When Choosing a Marriage Counseling Retreat

Is your current relationship with your spouse not everything it ought to be? There are a thousand reasons why this may be so. However, if you're past the point of trying to repair it yourself there is still hope. Let others help who have been where you are. You may...

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