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Our relationship was good but we were kind of hitting a plateau. Obviously there were some walls which needed to come down in the areas of communication and vulnerability.

Bill and Angela
LoveRecon Graduates

When we first came into LoveRecon we were asked to rate our relationship on a scale of 1 to 10 and we agreed that a 3 was very accurate. Many things have now changed. We are able to lower down our walls against each other.

Valentin and Diana
LoveRecon Graduates

LoveRecon started out by giving us a safe place where we could share and gave us the tools that we could take back home.

Richard and Suzie
LoveRecon Graduates

I’m hopeful for my future now. I’m not hung up on my past. I have dropped almost 20 years worth of pain and hurt and emotional blockage because of LifeRecon.

If you’re considering LifeRecon, do it, absolutely, 100%!

LifeRecon Graduate

I am less burdened by outside forces and I’m feeling very peaceful. I have dropped the weight of taking care of everybody else versus taking care of me.

LifeRecon Graduate

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