Danny – During Love Recon I’ve seen a change in my mate, Amy, as far as being vocal and carrying herself. She’s changed and is able to speak better.

Amy – I never knew how emotional he could get until I came to Love Recon and he was able to dig deeper, I know he really loves me.

Danny and Amy
Love Recon Graduates

We came to Love Recon in hopes of having a better understanding of our relationship. We got much more than we expected!  Our relationship is at a 10 now thanks to Love Recon.

James and Veronica

Love Recon Graduates

Our relationship was good but we were kind of hitting a plateau. Obviously there were some walls which needed to come down in the areas of communication and vulnerability.

Bill and Angela
Love Recon Graduates

We were about to divorce bu through Love Recon I discovered alot about myself…things I wasn’t aware of.  We learned to focus on us instead of me trying to do everything all by myself.

Russ and Lynn

Love Recon Graduates

During Life Recon I have learned to forgive people starting with myself as well as having people become more accepting of me. I’ve been able to let go of the baggage. You have nothing to lose by coming to Life Recon; you’ve tried it your way your whole life. Now come to a real life coaching experience.

Life Recon Graduate

I’ve become more empowered as a result of Life Recon. This unique and dynamic Life Coaching program has changed my life.


Life Recon Graduates

I’ve learned how to deal with some anger issues that I have been repressing For the past 11 years. And Life Recon has ultimately given me some tremendous relief.


Life Recon Graduate

When we first came into Love Recon we were asked to rate our relationship on a scale of 1 to 10 and we agreed that a 3 was very accurate. Many things have now changed. We are able to lower down our walls against each other.

Valentin and Diana
Love Recon Graduates

I’ve been able to change the way I look at myself and how I perceive my life. This life coaching event has given me a New Hope and a new purpose in life.


Life Recon Graduate 

Attending the Life Recon experience has definitely given me a new piece in life. It has increased my understanding and Clarity and how relationships work and that really helped me.


Life Recon Graduate

Prior to attending life coaching at Life Recon I would write my life at about a six and a half. I’ve been able to let go of a lot of my past and now people can’t use it to bring me down anymore.


Life Recon Graduate

During my time at the life coaching event with Life Recon I have learned more about forgiving of myself as well as others. If you’re considering Life Recon then you should make the decision to jump in and come. You really don’t know what you’re missing out on.


Life Recon Graduates

During Life Recon I dropped some things that were hindering me and found some joy and freedom. I dropped some resentment I had for people I loved And a lot of self-criticism. If you’re considering a life coaching event then you definitely should come to Life Recon.


Life Recon Graduate

I’ve learned about my direction and what I need to do now going forward as a result of the life coaching experience here. I’ve dropped a ton of baggage and unforgiveness that I have been carrying for many years. Now I can open up.


Life Recon Graduate

Since attending Life Recon I have really learned how to love myself and how to value myself. There’s no time like the present to attend Life Recon.


Life Recon Graduate

I feel like I have more clarity about how to deal with relationship. I’ve learned to be more patient and continue forward with new relationship. Life Recon is unlike anything you’ve ever done before. Come with an open heart and an open mind and prepare to be changed forever.


Life Recon Graduate

During that Life Recon and the life coaching experience I’ve been able to release and let go of a lot of things I have been holding on to a lot of baggage. I’ve learned to love myself more and not be so critical And second-guess everything that I do.

Life Recon Graduate

Love Recon allowed me to face my demon that I wasn’t aware of until I attended that four days life changing event. I walked out of there singing, “I am free to live” because I had stopped living for many years. Life has not been the same since, and I never looked back.

Life Recon Graduate

Love Recon started out by giving us a safe place where we could share and gave us the tools that we could take back home.

Richard and Suzie
Love Recon Graduates

I’m hopeful for my future now. I’m not hung up on my past. I have dropped almost 20 years worth of pain and hurt and emotional blockage because of Life Recon.

If you’re considering Life Recon, do it, absolutely, 100%!

Life Recon Graduate

I am less burdened by outside forces and I’m feeling very peaceful. I have dropped the weight of taking care of everybody else versus taking care of me.

Life Recon Graduate

I feel like there was emotional baggage that I didn’t even know I had. I feel that I’ve been able to leave that behind and I’m able to move forward. 

Karl and Elma
Love Recon Graduates

I feel like the biggest weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I’m ready to go out into the world and fulfill my purpose to its fullest extent.

Life Recon Graduate



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