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Love Recon Marriage Retreat is

The Ultimate Marriage Experience

What is Love Recon?

  • Unique 4 Day Innovative & Engaging Marriage Retreat
  • Transformative Event/Retreat Producing Real Changes & Results
  • Exponential Growth - Personally & Relationally
  • Help, Hope & Healing through Real Life Scenarios
  • Equivalent to 2 - 3 Years of Therapy 
  • One of the most Powerful & Results Driven Marriage Retreats

Who is Love Recon for?

  • Couples Looking to Deepen their Love & Connection
  • Couples Seeking to Restore their Relationship
  • Couples Who Need to Heal from the Past
  • Empty Nesters - Finding Yourself & Your Mate Again
  • Engaged Couples - The Best Chance for a Healthy & Happy Marriage
  • Divorcing Couples - High Success Rate in Saving Marriages  

Love Recon Marriage Retreat is for All Couples

Watch the Video to see how YOU can Transform your Relationship in just 4 Days

"This Event Will Take Your Relationship to a New Level - GUARANTEED!"

Help, Hope & Healing
A New Beginning
Resolve Core Issues in Your Relationship
Good Marriages Don't Just Happen
Take Your Relationship to the Next Level
Your New Future is Waiting For You

Marriage Retreat for Couples - Testimonials


When we first came into LoveRecon we were asked to rate our relationship on a scale of 1 to 10 and we agreed that a 3 was very accurate. Many things have now changed. We are able to lower down our walls against each other.

We’re able to lower down our walls and we’re able to communicate a lot better because we are not blocking each other and we are listening to each other much better. – Diana

I learned that my wife is supposed to be the number one person I love in all of my relationships, then our children and then others. That was impactful for me. – Valentin

Now we rate our marriage at about 7 and we will keep on using our tools to help it grow.

He’s committed and that is a big giant step!

Valentin and Diana

Our relationship was good but we were kind of hitting a plateau. Obviously there were some walls which needed to come down in the areas of communication and vulnerability.

We learned some tools in Love Recon that we could take home – to communicate better and to lower our walls and become more vulnerable to each other.

Since attending Love Recon, I have dropped more walls and have the ability to be myself, more unique, genuine and authentic with my wife and that’s what she needs. – Bill

We all can use a tune-up in our relationships and discover some things we can improve on. – Angela

Bill and Angela

If you want a life changing experience. An experience that will take your marriage to the next level. To have a marriage that is better than you could have ever imagined and will enhance your life and personal outlook then Love Recon is what you need.

I am so thankful my wife and I went through this program. No matter what state your marriage is in, this program can and will help! – Nelson

This is truly a life changing experience! It will save you and save your marriage! I highly recommend everyone from engaged to married for 50 years to go! – Rhiannon

Nelson & Rhiannon

I don’t even know where to begin!! This program was phenomenal and absolutely life changing!!!

You dig in real deep to the core of what you have been holding on to and participate in a number of group exercises that really help you move past the hurt, the pain, and the events that have stunted your growth process. I had to dig in deep and it was ugly at first but so necessary to my growth!!

I am so very thankful that there are people like this group that devote their lives to helping and loving on people while giving them tools to continue living the life of emotional freedom that we all deserve!! I truly recommend this program!!!


Going in for Love Recon and Life Recon I came expecting change! Why? Because my sponsor aka my friend that told my wife and I about the program said you will get 100% more back what effort you put into the event! I did not know exactly what that meant but I got it!

My wife and I connected on an emotional level! We grew together in ways we had not in years! We are spiritually stronger, emotionally healthier and more equipped than ever after the event which was back in September of 2018. We learned information and tools to work through the challenges of life! Life moves pretty fast and if you don’t stop to look around awhile, you could miss it!

Well I am seeing more clearly now than ever what is important! The conversations we have now even with four little kids under 12 , 9, 7, and 2 are deeper and more meaningful. We make time for each other. That is a great gift we took away from Love Recon.

As a busy couple we are worth investing into even though we are busy. If I had one wild card to play and that was to encourage a person or a couple to go to Love Recon I would play it for anyone reading this message board! Go! Go expecting change! Go knowing answers are going to be found! I believe in their ability to help any couple reconnect, bond or at least get traction on how to move forward in life together! To have seen how they supported the journey of single people looking for direction or sorting out life’s curves balls was amazing! There is something every one of us can get from the Love Recon event. 5 stars, Go, you will be amazed! Good luck, stay hopeful! God be with all who read this!

Dr. Aaron Chapa

LoveRecon started out by giving us a safe place where we could share and gave us the tools that we could take back home.

There’s a lot of things we learned about each other because they provided a safe place which allowed us to open up and the format of the program really helps you to do that. It helps you to really dig down and get to the root of your problems. – Richard

I’ve let go of the anger and resentment I was feeling and I’m going to open up more and be more trustworthy. – Suzie

We now rate our relationship between an 8 and a 9. This program will give you some eye-opening experiences that you really can’t duplicate anywhere else.

No matter the stage of your relationship, if you think it’s good or isn’t good, or even if you’re on the verge of divorce, you can take something from this program!

Richard and Suzie

The Ultimate Marriage Retreat for Couples


Your New Future Awaits You!

What are you waiting for?

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Marriage Retreat for Couples | Interactive 4-Day Conference
Marriage Retreat for Couples | Interactive 4-Day Conference