Quickly turn your marriage around and create the love & intimacy you want in this interactive 4-day marriage retreat for couples.

  • Couples will learn how to communicate better, resolve conflicts and move forward with anticipation for a brighter future.


  • Our interactive non-lecture marriage seminar takes you through a series of real-life scenarios that touch on all aspects of your relationship and life, leading you to the answers you are seeking.
  • Whether you are unhappily married, considering divorce or simply looking to strengthen your love and relationship, this seminar was designed for you.


  • Counselors and therapists have equated LoveRecon to years of therapy in a short four-day immersive experience, which ultimately saves you time and money.

LoveRecon is the Most Results Driven 4-Day Marriage Retreat for Couples in the Country


LoveRecon is the most cost efficient marriage seminar available at $995.00 per couple. This price includes the LifeRecon program for couples.


Marriage Retreat Testimonials

Valentin and Diana

When we first came into LoveRecon we were asked to rate our relationship on a scale of 1 to 10. And we agreed that a 3 was very accurate. Many things have now changed we are able to lower down our walls against each other. 

Bill and Angela

Our relationship was good but we were kind of hitting a plateau. Obviously there were some walls with needed to come down in the areas of communication and vulnerability.

Richard and Suzie

Love Recon started out by giving us a safe place where we could share and gave us the tools that we could take back home.

LoveRecon Benefits

Reconstruct | Restore | Reconnect

  • Develop Effective Communication Skills
  • Become an Effective Listener
  • Heal from Past Relational Damage
  • Rebuild Trust
  • Learn & Fulfill each Other’s Needs
  • Develop Relationship Awareness
  • Increase Intimacy
  • Deepen Your Connection
  • Learn Healthy Conflict Management Tools
  • Rekindle & Increase Your Love
  • Develop a Strategy for Future Success

LifeRecon Benefits

Refocus | Reboot | Reignite

  • Rediscover Yourself
  • Heal from Past Damage
  • Find Freedom from the Past & Hope for Your Future
  • Increase Your Self-Esteem, Worth & Value
  • Increase Your Confidence
  • Grow as an Individual
  • Discover a Deeper Level of Peace & Joy
  • Find or Renew Your Passion for Life
  • Become Aware of Your Purpose
  • Learn How to Love Yourself

ReconCoaching Benefits

Reassess | Redirect | Resolve

  • Life & Relationship Coaching
  • One-On-One with a Master Coach
  • Meet in Person – Phone – Online Video
  • Identify Obstacles in Your Life
  • Form a Strategic Plan for Your Life
  • Personal Growth & Motivation
  • Emotional Accountability
  • Identify Obstacles in Your Relationship
  • Strategic Plan for Your Relationship
  • Relational Growth
  • Accountability for You and Your Mate

Reconstruct | Restore | Reconnect

Our Marriage Retreat for Couples Is A Dynamic and Fresh Alternative to Traditional Marriage Seminars

Dynamic and fresh, LoveRecon is an alternative approach to traditional marriage retreats for couples, marriage seminars and workshops. Participants will undergo a four-day interactive, fast-paced, and intense seminar, carefully designed to help couples resolve their marrital issues within a safe environment.

You will learn how to resolve your relational issues together, reigniting your passion and moving forward stronger and full of hope. The best part? The four-day LoveRecon marriage seminar is just the beginning!  When you complete the seminar you will be equipped with all the tools you need to continue deepening your love, trust and intimacy. Simply put, this is the best marriage workshop you will ever attend!

  • Rated by Graduates as a Major Life Event According to many of our graduates, their LoveRecon and LifeRecon experience counts in the Top 5 events of their lives. Our programs are truly life-changing — promoting profound personal and relational healing and growth.
  • 80% Success Rate Have you already filed for divorce or considering it? Give yourselves a fighting chance by attending the LoveRecon program. We have an 80% success rate in saving marriages that are considering divorce or those who have already filed for divorce.
  • Proven and Tested Techniques You will be an active participant in your own healing throughout the four-day LoveRecon and LifeRecon programs. Learn to understand and resolve your core struggles as individuals and as a couple. Look forward to experiential activities, plus mental and emotional interactive drills founded on specialized techniques.

Refocus | Reboot | Reignite

LoveRecon | LifeRecon | ReconCoaching

  • LoveRecon  During this four-day interactive retreat, you and your partner will get to the root of all the damage, such as lack of communication, conflict management, issues with sex and intimacy and other sources of frustration. You will discover innovative tools on how to fix your relationship and learn techniques that you will use going forward. What makes our program so effective is that not only will you work on your baggage as a couple, but you will also deal with your individual struggles head-on. The result is greater forgiveness, trust, and healthier relationship dynamics long-term.
  • LifeRecon This one is all about you! Whether you are single, divorced, widowed, married attending with your spouse or attending as an individual without your spouse, this seminar is for you. LifeRecon is a 21-hour program broken down over four days. You’ll be part of one-on-one activities, small groups, and big groups to expand your perspective supported by trained staff members. Rediscover who you are as you break free from your past. Grow in all aspects of your life, rekindle your confidence and self-worth, learn to love yourself and shine a light on your real purpose.
  • ReconCoaching This is life coaching on a whole new level. Our Master ReconCoaches will craft a personalized strategy for you and your relationship to reignite your zest and passion for life and love. If you’d like, our coaches can also design a 1 – 3 day intensive program for you. Claim a brighter future. Don’t just survive — thrive!

LoveRecon offers a brand-new way to improve yourself and/or your relationships.

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Revolutionize Your Relationship and Your Life

Conroe, TX

Sept. 18 – Sept. 21, 2019

The Lone Star Convention & Expo Center

9055 Airport Road

Conroe, TX 77303

Duluth, GA

Nov. 13 – Nov. 16, 2019

Embassy Suites Hotel

2029 Satellite Blvd.

Duluth, GA 30097