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A "Live" Marriage Retreat for Couples

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Why Love Recon Marriage Retreat?

Whether you are aiming to enhance your relationship or seeking to mend a broken one, Love Recon offers the perfect marriage retreat for couples. This immersive experience will equip you with the necessary tools to overcome challenges such as pain, obstacles, hurt, infidelity, communication issues, and trust concerns. Don't be a divorce statistic when we can help.

The Love Recon marriage retreat for couples focuses on addressing these issues and provides a safe space for healing and the rebuilding of trust resulting in a deeper love. We are so confident in our program that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. To date, no couple who has completed the program has requested a refund. This speaks volumes about the effectiveness of Love Recon.

  • Feeling Hopeless
  • Feeling Unheard or Invalidated
  • Infidelity
  • Broken Trust
  • Lack of Intimacy
  • Feeling Lost or Unloved
  • Not Knowing How to Rebuild from Past Hurts
  • Baggage from Present or Past Relationship

What is the Love Recon Marriage Retreat for Couples?

A World Class Marriage Retreat for Couples

Our exclusive 4-day couples intensive retreat, known as Love Recon marriage retreat for couples, has been meticulously crafted over our extensive 28 years of experience. Our team of certified master life coaches and guides are dedicated to assisting couples, like yourself, in rejuvenating, reviving, and refocusing the love within your relationship like never before.

This in-person event guarantees your satisfaction with our proven techniques, activities, and real-life scenarios that will empower you to overcome any obstacles and reignite the joy, excitement, and passion within your relationship. Your transformation is not determined by your knowledge, but rather by the experiences you have. The Love Recon Experience takes place in a secure and intimate environment, ensuring individualized attention and interaction. It is THE Marriage Retreat for Couples who want to not only save their marriage but grow it beyond belief with love, respect and true passion for each other.


Love Recon creates a better Marriage and a better You

$995 per Couple

Register Early and Save $100!

Seats are filling up fast

Now: 866-218-1716

Experience The Best
Marriage Retreat for Couples

in America

Are You Ready To Live Your Best Life And

Get Your Best Friend Back?

Love Recon Marriage Retreat for Couples Young Couple On Vacation Exploring The City
Love Recon Marriage Retreat for Couples Mature Woman Hugging Her Husband

The Love Recon Marriage Retreat for Couples

Is Life Changing and Family Saving

Love Recon

A Better Marriage

$995 per couple for this 4 day intense retreat 

Guaranteed to change your Marriage for the Better

Love Recon includes the price of Life Recon

Early Registration Save $100.00 (limited time)

Love Recon Marriage Retreat for Couples

  • Looking to Deepen their Love & Connection
  • Seeking to Restore their Relationship
  • Who Need to Heal from the Past
  • Empty Nesters - Finding Yourself & Your Mate Again
  • Engaged Couples - Best Chance for a Healthy & Happy Marriage
  • Divorced or Divorcing Couples - High Success Rate in Restoration

Love Recon is a reputable program renowned for its exceptional track record in successfully preserving and strengthening relationships. 

Love Recon's Marriage Retreat for Couples

Exclusive Bonus

(Love Recon attendees concurrently attend the Life Recon Program)

At Love Recon, we recognize the importance of personal growth alongside relational growth. Our exceptional success rate is attributed to our Life Recon program, an innovative and healing program that focuses on personal growth and transformation. By addressing and working through personal matters, individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their emotions, and ultimately find healing and freedom from past experiences.

This self-work plays a pivotal role in preventing the projection of unresolved issues onto one's partner, thus reducing unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings, leading to a more harmonious and peaceful relationship.  By navigating personal challenges, individuals cultivate a greater ability to be vulnerable and intimate, fostering a stronger emotional connection with their partner.  This emotional connection forms the foundation of a strong and resilient marriage and creates a healthier and more fulfilling relationship.

Lean More About Love Recon

Addictions - Abuse - Affairs

These behaviors have the potential to completely ruin a person's life, as well as the lives of those who care about them. Life Recon has been effective in helping individuals on their journey towards healing and recovering from the negative consequences of these detrimental behaviors.

Still have open wounds with
no healing?

Marriage Retreat for Couples life recon

Life Recon Plays a Crucial Role And Serves As The Essential Element 

In The Transformative Journey Of Our Attendees

Marriage retreat for couples Strong Woman Winning Success And Life Goals Concept Young
Marriage retreat for couples Strong Man Winning Success And Life Goals Concept Young

Why Life Recon?

Discover the barriers hindering your personal growth and preventing you from achieving your utmost potential with Life Recon. Our innovative and engaging seminar offers a hands-on approach, guiding you through various real-life situations that encompass all areas of your life and interpersonal connections. By delving into these scenarios, you will uncover the answers you've been searching for. 

Embark on a transformative journey towards self-improvement, enriching relationships, and a successful future by committing to change today.  Previous attendees consistently consider this remarkable experience as one of the most significant life events, serving as a pivotal point and a defining moment in their lives.

  • Heal From Your Past
  • Enhance Your Self-Worth
  • Accelerate Your Personal Growth
  • Increase Awareness of Your Purpose
  • Boost Your Confidence, Self-Esteem and Value
  • Find Freedom From What Holds You Back
  • Understand and Love Yourself More Than Ever
  •  Find Hope For A Brighter Future

What is Life Recon?

Individuals & Couples

Life Recon is an intensive, interactive, 3 evening, 1 day, 21-hour Personal Growth program for couples and individuals.

Life Recon is an innovative program designed to cater to individuals and couples seeking personal growth and transformation. 

Participants will engage in a meticulously designed program that facilitates self-discovery and development, enabling them to unlock and amplify their personal growth and abilities, empowering them to reach their highest potential.

The Life Recon evening sessions focus on personal growth, development, addressing unresolved baggage and damage, improving your worth, value, confidence and self-esteem. You will also dive into improving and developing relationships.

Couples who are unable to attend the Love Recon program during the day can still benefit from the Life Recon program. This program offers a valuable opportunity to gain the necessary tools and skills to transform and enhance your relationship. 

Learn More About Life Recon

Life Recon

A Better You

$249 per person for this 3 evening and 1 day intensive experience.

 Guaranteed to change your Life for the Better

Life Recon is for Couples or Individuals

Early Registration Save $50.00 per person

(limited time)

Hear From Our Alumni


I don’t even know where to begin!! This program was phenomenal and absolutely life changing!!!

You dig in real deep to the core of what you have been holding on to and participate in a number of group exercises that really help you move past the hurt, the pain, and the events that have stunted your growth process. I had to dig in deep and it was ugly at first but so necessary to my growth!!

I am so very thankful that there are people like this group that devote their lives to helping and loving on people while giving them tools to continue living the life of emotional freedom that we all deserve!! I truly recommend this program!!!


Our relationship was good but we were kind of hitting a plateau. Obviously there were some walls which needed to come down in the areas of communication and vulnerability.

We learned some tools in Love Recon that we could take home – to communicate better and to lower our walls and become more vulnerable to each other.

Since attending Love Recon, I have dropped more walls and have the ability to be myself, more unique, genuine and authentic with my wife and that’s what she needs. – Bill

We all can use a tune-up in our relationships and discover some things we can improve on. – Angela

Bill and Angela

Going in for Love Recon and Life Recon I came expecting change! Why? Because my sponsor aka my friend that told my wife and I about the program said you will get 100% more back what effort you put into the event! I did not know exactly what that meant but I got it!

My wife and I connected on an emotional level! We grew together in ways we had not in years! We are spiritually stronger, emotionally healthier and more equipped than ever after the event which was back in September of 2018. We learned information and tools to work through the challenges of life! Life moves pretty fast and if you don’t stop to look around awhile, you could miss it!

Well I am seeing more clearly now than ever what is important! The conversations we have now even with four little kids under 12 , 9, 7, and 2 are deeper and more meaningful. We make time for each other. That is a great gift we took away from Love Recon.

As a busy couple we are worth investing into even though we are busy. If I had one wild card to play and that was to encourage a person or a couple to go to Love Recon I would play it for anyone reading this message board! Go! Go expecting change! Go knowing answers are going to be found! I believe in their ability to help any couple reconnect, bond or at least get traction on how to move forward in life together! To have seen how they supported the journey of single people looking for direction or sorting out life’s curves balls was amazing! There is something every one of us can get from the Love Recon event. 5 stars, Go, you will be amazed! Good luck, stay hopeful! God be with all who read this!

Dr. Aaron Chapa

LoveRecon started out by giving us a safe place where we could share and gave us the tools that we could take back home.

There’s a lot of things we learned about each other because they provided a safe place which allowed us to open up and the format of the program really helps you to do that. It helps you to really dig down and get to the root of your problems. – Richard

I’ve let go of the anger and resentment I was feeling and I’m going to open up more and be more trustworthy. – Suzie

We now rate our relationship between an 8 and a 9. This program will give you some eye-opening experiences that you really can’t duplicate anywhere else.

No matter the stage of your relationship, if you think it’s good or isn’t good, or even if you’re on the verge of divorce, you can take something from this program!

Richard and Suzie

If you want a life changing experience. An experience that will take your marriage to the next level. To have a marriage that is better than you could have ever imagined and will enhance your life and personal outlook then Love Recon is what you need.

I am so thankful my wife and I went through this program. No matter what state your marriage is in, this program can and will help! – Nelson

This is truly a life changing experience! It will save you and save your marriage! I highly recommend everyone from engaged to married for 50 years to go! – Rhiannon

Nelson & Rhiannon

When we first came into LoveRecon we were asked to rate our relationship on a scale of 1 to 10 and we agreed that a 3 was very accurate. Many things have now changed. We are able to lower down our walls against each other.

We’re able to lower down our walls and we’re able to communicate a lot better because we are not blocking each other and we are listening to each other much better. – Diana

I learned that my wife is supposed to be the number one person I love in all of my relationships, then our children and then others. That was impactful for me. – Valentin

Now we rate our marriage at about 7 and we will keep on using our tools to help it grow.

He’s committed and that is a big giant step!

Valentin and Diana


Your New Future Awaits You!

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Marriage Retreat for Couples | Interactive 4-Day Conference
Marriage Retreat for Couples | Interactive 4-Day Conference