Better Communication in Relationships Can Solidify Happiness

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Better Communication in Relationships Can Solidify Happiness

June 22, 2019

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Communication In Relationships Means Everything

Good communication in relationships is the key to a healthy and happy living. Every relationship has its ups and downs and we’ve all been through times where it seems like it just isn’t working anymore. But in the end, good communication is a huge part of reconciling with our loved ones. Healthy communication helps us to solve different relationship conflicts and aids in building a stronger and better relationship with our partner.

Have you been struggling to solidify your relationship? Is it difficult for you to communicate with your partner? If so, you’re probably thinking about contacting a professional for relationship counseling or marriage counseling. Before you make this decision, learn about our live marriage retreat events and follow this post and we’ll try our best to answer each possible question to help solve communication gaps between you and your loved ones.

How Better Communication Can Solidify Your Relationship

Whether they are a friend from your childhood or you’ve been together for years and are madly in love, you still cannot read each other’s minds. Talk to each other no matter what. According to a survey, it was found that more than half of the people divorcing today are because of certain communication gaps.

Even if it’s your first time dating someone, note that less communication leads to misunderstanding and can hurt both partners in a relationship. Thereby, it is recommended to give your partner some allotted time on a daily basis to avoid misunderstandings that could lead to anger, hurt or confusion.      

Building Strong Relationships

A strong relationship is built with the cooperation of two people wanting to stay together through the ups and downs. All this is in vain if they cannot even cope with their different communication styles and needs. Every person has their own way of sharing, communicating, and procrastinating and one must be able to keep pace with his/her partner’s communication style to have a healthy relationship.   Therefore, couples must find an adequate way to communicate that best suits their personal communication style.  It’s not like you can just throw things out there and expect results. Healthy communication demands hard work, practice, and time. Still, communication will never be perfect in all conditions.

How to Improve Communication in Relationships?   

Make sure to be short and to the point when communicating with your partner or communication in relationships in general, this way there is a better chance of your partner understanding what you are trying to say. Think of it like this, when you go through a drive thru, you communicate exactly what you want without a lot of detail or unnecessary words, this way there is a better chance of them getting your order correct.  Then when you are done ordering, they repeat it back to you until they get it right.  So, if you or your partner do not understand what the other is saying (or communicating), make sure to ask.  Asking could look something like this: “So, what I heard you say is…” and fill in the blank with what you heard them say.  Then you would repeat that process until you understand clearly what is being communicated. Doing this will dramatically help prevent a blow up before its too late!

When talking to your partner, make sure to consider the following 10 pro tips:

  1. When you’re discussing a serious matter, make sure there’s no interruptions from other people or distractions such as a computer, mobile phones, television, etc. Even a text notification can make things worse during a serious discussion.
  2. Think twice before saying anything. It may be normal for you to interrupt, but you can offend your partner if you interrupt them and do not let them finish what they want to communicate.
  3. As discussed earlier, try to be clear and to the point of what you want to communicate and make sure when they are done to say “so, what I heard you say is…”
  4. In most cases, people tend to get offended from double-meaning phrases. Make sure to be clear so that your partner hears exactly what you want to say.
  5. Using “I” statements is a great way of expressing your feelings to your loved ones. In this way, you can better talk about your feelings, what you want, and how to make it better between you two.
  6. Let your partner know that you’re aware of your responsiveness. It’ll harvest positive feelings between you two.
  7. Never hesitate to share the best thing about them. Let them know why you like them and what do you admire the most. Knowing how important they are to you promotes a healthy yet strong relationship.
  8. Keep the tone of your voice per the conversation type. Your tone and approach are VERY important as to how the response from the other person will be.  If you come at them (or they come at you) with a demeaning or harsh tone etc.., their “wall” could go straight up and unfortunately that’s when “things” can potentially get out of hand. 
  9. Note that you don’t need to be on the right side all the time. If you’ve made a mistake, admit to it and communicate like a mature adult. If the problem isn’t too serious and just isn’t worth arguing over, then by ALL means, it’s better to just let it go. 
  10. Share what is bothering you and how would you like them to help. Asking for help is also a good sign.

How Better Communication Solidifies a Relationship?

Now that you know the rules of communication in relationships, we’ll discuss some reasons why it’s necessary to pay attention to the way you talk to your partner. The following are some reasons how better communication can benefit a relationship:

Good Communication Shows Value

Have you ever sought a psychologists’ services? Whether marriage counseling or relationship counseling, why do people feel good when a psychologist listens to them? This is because listening to someone is a sign of respect and care. When you’re listening to your partner, he/she has the same feeling. Even if your partner is wrong about something and you disagree with what he/she is saying, it is recommended to appreciate their feeling before correcting them or correcting them at all.

In simple words, effective communication showcases your values to the partner and it might certainly be the most valuable asset for them.

It Helps Us to Appreciate

Communication and better communication are very different. The real difference is purposefully taking the time to listen to each other’s concerns, repeating back what the other heard until they understand what is being communicated.  Better communication in a relationship makes you & your partner understand, listen, and appreciate each other, which in turn makes a much stronger relationship! 

It Makes Us Approachable

When you’re in a relationship, both of you would love the feeling of knowing that someone is actually there for them to talk about anything to everything. Effective communication between partners makes them approachable and they tend to rely on each other no matter what, which is what we all want!

Final Verdict

If things do not seem to improve, even after following the above tips and reasons to improve your communication in relationships, it is recommended to talk to a relationship counselor for marriage counseling or relationship counseling – it helps a lot.

Feel free to let us know about how you feel when talking to your partner in the comment section below.    

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