October 9, 2018

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Choosing The Best Marriage Counseling Retreat For You (both) Has Its Challenges

Is your current relationship with your spouse not everything it ought to be? There are a thousand reasons why this may be so. However, if you’re past the point of trying to repair it yourself there is still hope. Let others help who have been where you are. If your like most others you’ll find that a marriage counseling retreat will be the ticket for a wonderfully sculpted relationship together.

You may simply need some time together, free of the house payment, pets, and kids, to recharge your failing relationship. A marriage retreat may be just what the doctor ordered. This type of solution has saved many failing marriages in recent years.

However, if you both have agreed to try a couples relationship counseling retreat, there are still a few very important questions that need to be answered. Here is a quick checklist of some of the most crucial things to consider when choosing a relationship counseling retreat.

Don’t Fall for a Marriage Retreat That Relies on “Controversial” Issues

Many so-called marriage counseling retreats rely on their ability to emphasize, or even glamorize, controversial issues. For example, if the retreat you are thinking of visiting has an emphasis on recovering after infidelity, they may be missing the bigger issue.

Physical infidelity is hard to recover from but there are many other types of emotional wounds that cut even deeper. It may be better for the both of you to find a retreat that emphasizes emotional honesty and closeness rather than dwelling on any one specific cause of separation.

Find a Marriage Counseling Retreat That Respects Your Personal Limits

The typical marriage counseling retreat is a place where you can go to stretch safely out of your comfort zone. This is very important if you want to recapture that initial feeling of emotional exhilaration that you experienced when you first fell in love with your spouse.

However, you don’t want to take things too far in the opposite direction. It’s always a good idea to choose a retreat that remains fully respectful of your personal limits and boundaries. While it is true that you often must be challenged in order to grow, no one should be allowed to push you to violate your principles or values. A truly professional retreat will understand this and plan their events and counseling accordingly.

It’s Important to Choose a Counseling Retreat That Offers Aftercare

Another important thing to keep in mind at all times is that a visit to a single retreat will most likely not result in a magical cure for all your marriage issues. The purpose of visiting a retreat is to air out these issues and begin to deal with them in a meaningful and productive manner.

However, it’s very important that the both of you receive follow-up care once the retreat is over. The retreat that you attend should offer personal or couples coaching or counseling, either in person or online.  It is important to remember that the relationship tools that you learned at the retreat will only work if you use them. A coach can help you stay on track and continue your progress.

Choose LoveRecon to Recharge Your Relationship

If your relationship is in need of a relationship counseling retreat, there is an excellent opportunity for you to check out. LoveRecon is a special 4 day interactive marriage retreat located in Georgia and Texas. Many couples have found a whole new level of intimacy and trust after visiting with experiencing LoveRecon.

When it’s time to recharge your relationship with your spouse, this is the place to make it happen. You can contact LoveRecon to book your spot at an upcoming marriage counseling retreat in your area. Call today to get your relationship back on track. If you value your relationship with your spouse, this is one retreat you should not miss out on.

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