How Can a “Hike” Help Me With My Relationship? pt. 2 of 4 (fear)

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How Can a “Hike” Help Me With My Relationship? pt. 2 of 4 (fear)

November 18, 2020

Rock 2 – Fear

Fear is a liar and your enemy. What you fear, you have given power to.
~ Todd Hicks, LoveRecon

Fear is a proper and healthy response to stimuli that are warning you of danger. Fear is a liar, however. Remember that truth when you begin to allow the negative thoughts and feelings associated with it to control your life. Just as anger has its root in an offense, fear has its root in REJECTION. If fear is your predominant negative emotion – more so than anger or sadness – then chances are you are dealing with experiences of rejection or even abandonment.

What would you say is your biggest fear? Is it living in poverty, being overweight, being a failure, being a success, failing as a parent, being alone, or LoveRecon Valentin and Dian Testimonial 1experiencing transparent intimacy in your marriage? “If they really knew me, they wouldn’t love me” may be part of your inner talk. If so, you may be withholding your inner self and not experiencing real intimacy or deep love in your relationship.

The cure for the negative kind of fear is LOVE. This is the kind of love in which you are fully known and yet fully accepted. This kind of love is unconditional. It is loving and being loved, regardless of the circumstances. It is the kind of love that we all long for. Some words to describe it are: positive, definite, absolute, outright, unconstrained, without reserve, certain, complete, entire, whole, unrestricted, unlimited, actual, thorough, genuine, assured, determinate, unequivocal, unmistakable, clear and unquestionable!

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: Each of you share a fear or concern that you have about your relationship. Own your feelings. Reassure your mate concerning their fear. Repeat the statement above to them or come up with your own words to help them break free from fear.

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