September 22, 2020

Love Recon How-We-Interact-as-a-Couple-hero-pt.-1-of-2

Who you are will determine how you interact as a couple.
Are you the Giver-Equalizer-Taker

There’s a time to give, a time to take and a time to equalize…
the key is to know when each is needed and to find a balance. ~ David Bishop, LoveRecon

Everyone has a default or modality in the way they interact in relationships. There are basically three fundamental styles of interacting with others in every culture on earth. Each of us has a primary or default tendency. Which one is yours? Read the descriptions of interactive behaviors below and decide which is most like you in your relationship with your spouse.

#1 Modality

– You spend your waking hours doing things to help your spouse.LoveRecon How We Interact as a Couple image pt. 1 of 2

– You don’t worry about what you get in return.

– You believe that it’s important to work for the success of your spouse.

If the above is most true of you, then you might be a Giver.

#2 Modality

– You strive to maintain a balance of give and take in your marriage.

– You try to make sure that you both put in the same amount of effort.

– It is important to you that everything is fair in your relationship.

If these are most true of you, then you might be an Equalizer.

Part 1 of 2

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check out this suggested scripture: Romans 12:9-10

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