August 14, 2019

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What if your spouse is feeling lonely in your relationship, what do you do?

You might often discover that some people hardly have enough time to spend with their spouses. However, when your mate is feeling lonely in your relationship schedule time to spend with them.  The bad news is that there are some people who normally spend large amounts of time away from their spouses and this can make their spouses feel lonely. They might actually begin to feel unloved and eventually seek other people to help fill this void. This can be damaging to any marriage or relationship. Learning to recognize this before it’s too late is a main reason why marriage counseling can help. It is important that you consider making time for the sake of your happiness and your marriage. This can help your marriage to remain strong. It can also help to increase the bond between you and your spouse. Many married people have sought marriage help whenever they have dealt with such issues. The following ideas can help you to create time even when you’re a busy person.

1. Share some roles and run errands together. A recent social media post said, “Marry someone you can go grocery shopping with.”  When was the last time that you went shopping together? Some couples actually do this a few times a month. Others have never tried it and don’t know what they’re missing. You should propose going shopping together and find out how fun and connecting it can be. You can even try cleaning your house together. You just have to share duties and ensure that you complete those duties and well as having some fun in the process.

This can help your partner feel special with very little effort other than quality time. Sometimes, simply helping your spouse to cook can make feelings soar in a good direction. You might be surprised how this can help you both to discover other tasks to accomplish together as well. This can help make your bond stronger than before.

2. Think about how your spouse is important to you. In the past, you might have done all kinds of things together. Maybe you played together, watched movies together and even performed household chores together. You might have had fruitful discussions about how your love life or future will look. These are great moments that every partner cherishes. You should remember those moments that you had together. This often helps you have the urge to be close to your partner even when you do not have enough time for this undertaking.

3. Suppose your partner decides to call it quits?  Sometimes a good couple will break up simply because they did not make enough time to bond, connect and so on. This is hurtful to both involved. Your partner might feel so lonely that they think of quitting the relationship or even the marriage. In desperate situations your spouse might actually be tempted to cheat on you. In the past, your partner might have supported you and might have stood by you even when things were not working well for either of you. Loosing such a partner might be detrimental and painful to say the least. You might end up regretting a break up. Scheduling time for your partner can help to eliminate this problem from the start.

4. Reduce the time that you spend on other less important things.  What keeps you busy on a daily basis? You might find that some tasks are taking much of your time and thereby robbing you of the time that you could have had with your spouse. You shouldn’t allow these things to take the center stage in your life. You should get rid of these things or maybe even delegate some tasks.

This can actually help to reduce the chances of your spouse feeling lonely due to lack of time together. Maybe you should reduce the time that you spend on your phone or on your laptop. You can choose to watch a movie together and snuggle at home for some great fun. This can make your partner to feel more valued, appreciated and especially loved.

5. Consider having night chats together. How often do you normally have night chats with your spouse? You’ll discover that some people barely have time or make time for this. Try making it a part of your routine before going to bed. If you are not near your spouse then simply make a quick phone call to let your loved one know how important they are and how you care. You can call your spouse and discuss anything you’d like. This can even help them to sleep happier and deeper than before.

6. Consider getting house help. House help with cleaning or errands can help you to save more time and can free up that time to invest with your spouse. This way your spouse will be free and able to do more things together with you as a couple. This has helped many couples to have a stronger bond than before.

7. Get rid of distractions. Some duties are very important and have to be performed on a daily basis. If you can perform these duties early enough, you can be sure that you’ll have more time together later in the day. You can even put your phone on silent mode in order to avoid distractions when you are together if possible. Doing this, your spouse will not feel lonely as you will be together for longer periods.

8. Organize yourself. You should wake up early enough to organize your daily tasks. You should know the tasks you need to do on a daily basis and doing this can help you to have enough quality down time at home to spend with your mate. You won’t have to conquer these tasks when you get home and it’ll help you to feel better while enabling more time as a couple.

Once you’re home, you’ll have enough time to rest, visit and so on. During your weekends you can go swimming together, try some new hikes and so on.  Consider these ideas and you will not regret the investment. You can also consider going for a marriage retreat to get more ideas on how to make your partner feel loved despite having tight working schedule. A retreat will also help if there are underlying conflicts needing to be addressed in a safe and helpful setting. Consider these ideas and you will have a stronger bond with your spouse and as a bonus neither of you will feel lonely.

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