Listening To My Heart Instead Of My Head, That’s The Question

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Listening To My Heart Instead Of My Head, That’s The Question

June 19, 2019

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Am I Right In Listening To My Heart Instead Of My Head?

“Should I be listening to my heart instead of my head?” is certainly a million-dollar question – especially if it affects your relationship with a loved one. Making a life-changing decision about a romantic partner is something that eludes many.  Even now, your mind probably has a thousand thoughts about why a person is a bad influence for you, why it can’t work out, why it would be better without them, and so on. But due to some emotional reasons, you still decide to stay and want things to work out, right? Setting aside all the reasons to end things, you still want them no matter what. In a nutshell, our heart is most likely to pick the risky option, while our head often picks the safer one.

What is happening with you? Why are you so confused about your instincts? Do you need relationship counseling? Did you attend pre-relationship counseling before your marriage? Well, follow this post and learn more about how to distinguish your heart and your head feelings, why should you follow your heart and not your head, and how communication affects relationships.

Should We Listen To Our Heart Over Our Head?

We’ve all been there at least once in our lifetime. Our head and heart always propose two different options. One feels incredibly easy and the other one feels a bit risky but soothing. Do you know what you’ve been following until now – your head or heart? Are you satisfied with your past decisions?

Just rewind your past and you might notice your life filled with safe, logical and rational decisions. If so, you’re probably following your head and may have already messed up with your partner. Though your decisions were logical and protected you at their best, you definitely have enormous unused potential inside.

On the other hand, you might have times where you would be free-flowing with your decisions. There is no burden on your mind or heart. Even if you are uncomfortable about a sudden plan or something else, it at least felt right. That’s you listening to your heart. Your heart is, no doubt, more than just a vital organ of your body. It is also a crucial essence of your emotional and spiritual being. In this regard, following your heart leads you to make more useful decisions than the head.

Why You Should Not Listen to Your Head?

Many of you are probably here to get things right with your loved ones. From our childhood, everyone says we should “be listening to our heart instead of our head” as it directs you in the right direction. Experts also suggest inclining towards your emotional instincts instead of jumbling yourself with logical statements and the like. But is it really practical to avoid logical decisions? Would it do any good to your relationship?

Well, when we are following our head, we are more likely to make critical decisions quickly. Think back on some of those times and you probably regret making decisions made before the right time. When we’re following our heart, we are most likely to give things time and it can even take a totally unique direction. But after making the decision, only you and your heart will know that it was the right thing to do. 

5 Reasons to Listen to Your Heart Over Your Mind

In most cases, people prefer contacting a professional for relationship counseling or marriage counseling. Is it the right thing for you? Well, it depends. There’s no doubt that quality counseling sessions can and have turned things around for many. But make sure to keep following this post so you know that listening to your heart actually makes a difference.

1.     Your Emotions Are on Your Sleeve

People with a habit of listening to heart tend to show their spiritual and emotional self easily. They can’t hide their feelings and rich relationships. People love them. Even if they’re trying to hide something within their heart, their eyes will eventually reveal it all.

2.     Resistance to Injustice & Dishonesty

Listening to your head may lead you to dishonesty or injustice at some point in your life. On the other hand, when following your heart, you always try to make this world a better place per your feelings and emotions. You’ll feel sad when people around you are dealt injustice.    

3.     Bigger Dreams

As discussed earlier, our heart is much more than just a vital organ in our body. People who listen to their heart tend to think outside the box. They are passionate, empathetic, zealous towards their goals. Touching hearts of millions and changing the world for the better are their topmost priorities. If you prefer your heart instead of your head, your heart will redirect you to do greater things for the people around you – you are loved and wanted by many.  

4.     A Good Friend & A Better Partner

If you’re struggling to make peace with your family, friends, or partner, listening to your heart will do the job. When you listen to your heart, you become highly intuitive and care about your loved ones – leading to fill the communication gaps. This proves how communication affects relationships. Listening to your heart will probably make you a person who is always there for their loved ones in the hour of need.

5.     Dynamic Personality

As you’re connecting with most people throughout the day, you find yourself engaging in projects you’re not experienced with and end up developing a dynamic personality against polar opposite people. This aids in creating an unbeatable yet unique personality – making you stand out to others.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, listening to your heart works as a strength that will allow you to override your mind and solidify your relationships. You will better be able to learn more about the people you love by caring about them, talking to them, and helping them make a better decision. Also, you’ll learn to navigate your life-making decisions in a better way.

So, what’s your biggest challenge to achieving by listening to your heart? Let us know in the comment section.

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