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our innovative marriage help Conference features proven break-throughs in marriage workshop success.  everything you need to improve your marriage is here!

About Our Immersive Marriage Help Conference


  • Live Interactive 4-Day Marriage Help Conference
  • Learn to communicate in a fresh and meaningful way.
  • Gain clarity and direction for your relationship.
  • Find peace and harmony.
  • Help to rebuild and restore the trust.
  • Guaranteed to change your life and relationship in just 4-days.
  • Gain the tools needed to enhance your relationship.

At Love Recon, we present a fresh alternative approach with our unique 4-day marriage help conference to enhance and achieve dynamic growth and results. We work intensely with you to get the help and tools you need for long term peace and fulfillment.

Our specialized 4-day interactive marriage help conference features an immersive marriage seminar where you and your partner can sort out your issues in a secure and controlled environment. In the process, you will reignite the spark in your relationship and regain your best friend.

Read more about some of the most common marriage issues on our blog. This is real marriage help seminar!

The Love Recon marriage seminar will help you resolve your marital issues and rediscover yourselves as individuals.  You will experience a renewed connection in your relationship. 


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marriage help seminar couples-retreat-dallas-image-1
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Benefits of Love Recon Marriage Help Conference

Expect these Benefits... and More!

  • Develop Effective Communication Skills
  • Become an Effective Listener for Your Partner
  • Deepen Intimacy and Connection
  • Develop Relationship Awareness
  • Learn Healthy Conflict Skills
  • Heal from Past Relational Damage
  • Rebuild the Trust in Your Relationship
  • Learn & Fulfill Each Other’s Needs
  • Rekindle and Increase Your Love Now
  • Develop a Strategy for Future Success

Not Your Typical Boring Marriage Help Conference
But an Immersive Marriage Workshop Experience

Experience SELF-LOVE In This Marriage Help Conference.

At Love Recon, we believe that developing self-love will aide in developing your love for your spouse. You can only love others and allow them to love you if love yourself! This is a very different but proven result of our 4-day life coaching event. Through this 4-day marriage help seminar and workshop you'll be able to acknowledge and appreciate the person you are. When your spouse does the same, you will be able to love and understand each other more genuinely and deeply.

Our workshop approach is clear, solution-focused and effective.

Our experienced staff will guide you through the process of discovering what you and your mate want for your lives and relationship.

The majority of our graduates have acknowledged the Love Recon event as a top five milestone in their lives. In fact, 80% of couples who have already filed for divorce and attended the event were able to save their marriages...They not only stayed married, but they also felt like newlyweds after the retreat!

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Refresh | Restore | Refocus

Love Recon Marriage Help Conference Information

We currently conduct Love Recon seminars in three locations, Atlanta GA, Dallas and Houston TX area.  The Love Recon registration fee is $995.00 per couple. Couples attending Love Recon will concurrently attend the LifeRecon program.  Your $995.00 registration fee covers the cost of attending both programs. Attendees are responsible for their own travel, hotel, meals and expenses.  We have a few partial scholarships available for those needing financial assistance.  Proof of need is required. Love Recon is a 4-day, 36-hour program.  The Love Recon schedule is Wednesday – Friday, 10:00 am – 11:00 pm and Saturday, 9:30 am – 5:00 pm.  Please visit our Events page for dates and locations.

In our 4-day marriage seminar, you will be asked to participate in every drill and activity from which you will learn life-changing marriage helping skills.

Want to get rid of that disconnected feeling and find deep love with your spouse again?

Sign up with the Love Recon program and experience an interactive alternative to traditional couples counseling.

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Your Relationship is worth it

Love Recon offers an experiential way to improve yourself and your relationships.

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January 26 - 29, 2022 Duluth, GA


November 3 - 6, 2021

Embassy Suites by Hilton
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(PDK) DeKalb-Peachtree Airport

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June 15 - 18, 2022 Houston, TX


June 15 - 18, 2022

The Mill
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(IAK) George Bush Intercontinental Airport

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