August 5, 2020

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PART 2- Character and Relationship Qualities

In Part 1, physical attributes that are attractive to women were discussed. These are important and will make you more attractive to her, especially in the beginning of a relationship. The character and relationship qualities listed below are some that will maintain her attraction to you throughout your relationship.

  1. A woman wants a man that she can rely upon to get things done. It would help if you learned to do things to care for your children and your home. If you don’t know how to do something, there is probably a YouTube video that can instruct you. Don’t make her feel responsible for everything regarding your home and family. She will wear down and begin to resent you.  Your sexiness factor will go up 100%, however, if you do things that show that you care for her, your home and your family. 
  1. This is closely related to competency. Initiative is turning competency into action. It is proactive. Don’t wait to be asked to do something.  Take the initiative.  Take out the trash, empty the dishwasher, or fold a load of clothes without being asked. 
  1. True to your word. Keeping your word is extremely important in building trust in a relationship.  It helps her feel secure and safe knowing that she has a man she can depend on and who will honor his word and be faithful to her. It’s a matter of integrity. If your actions line up with what you say that you believe, it will make you even more attractive to her. 
  1. A Student of Her. Study her and observe everything about her – what her love language is, what her favorite foods are, what her favorite candy bar is, etc. Listen to her and be able to recall something specific that she said and act on it.  Be in tune with her. To be noticed and to be heard are very validating to her… and to you! 
  1. Hands-on Dad. Women are attracted to a man that has a strong, nurturing relationship with his children. A woman wants to see her mate spend quality time with their children. To see him teaching life lessons, playing catch in the yard, participating in tea parties, and tucking the children in at night are just a few ways that a man can be involved. He will not only grow closer to their children but also his mate. 
  1. Self-Assured. Confidence is sexy.  Being sure of yourself and having direction in life is very attractive to a woman.  Being an arrogant jerk is not!  It’s a fine line to walk, but be self-assured. 
  1. Leader of the Family. This is closely related to taking the initiative and being hands-on. This does not mean that you become a dictator or don’t make joint decisions with your mate. It means that you take the initiative and lead your family by example in spiritual matters, serving in the community, and having fun and building memories. 
  1. Hard Worker. A lazy man is not attractive to a woman. A hard-working man is.  Work hard and do your best at your job, with chores around the house, planning a vacation, preparing for a presentation, etc.  Be a man that she can be proud of!
  1. Sense of Humor. Life is serious and tough enough. There is a reason that most singles put “a sense of humor” on their wish list for a mate.  Being funny and being able to laugh at yourself and your circumstances is attractive to your mate.  Caution: Teasing her is not the same thing as having a sense of humor.  Most women do not like to be teased.  Tease your buddies, but not your woman. 
  1. Go above and beyond to make sure your mate is secure and safe. The world is less scary to her when you do, and she will find that incredibly attractive. Make sure that the house is safe and secure, fill her tank with gas so she doesn’t have to go to the gas station alone with the kids, manage your finances … anything that shows her that the well-being of her and your family is a priority. 
  1. Chivalry and Manners. Women still enjoy being treated with chivalry, despite societal changes in the last few decades. Opening the door for her, walking next to the street when you are on a sidewalk, pumping her gas, letting her take a seat when there is only one chair, pulling out her chair when you are being seated, opening her car door and whatever else you can think of will surely make you even more attractive to her. And ladies, if you are reading this, “Never deprive a man of the opportunity to be a gentleman. 
  1. Make Her Feel Special. Genuinely compliment her on her appearance. Focus on how nice she looks – her hair, skin, eyes, clothes- She may resist receiving the compliment, but don’t let that deter you.  Most likely, she enjoys hearing it. Do the little things: make her coffee in the morning, plug in her electronics so that they are charged and ready to go, send her a “thinking of you text” at random times, and anything else that you can think of that will make her feel special.  One of the best things that you can do is to continue dating her, no matter how long you have been together.  Making the time to focus on her and your relationship will pay big dividends and make you all the more attractive to her.


If you are struggling in your relationship and feel that your mate is no longer attracted to you despite your efforts, it may be time to seek marriage help.  Please don’t wait until it’s too late. Reach out now!

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