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Learn How To Create The
Love, Intimacy And
Connection You Deserve

"Discover How You Can Change And Enrich Your Relationship
In As Little As 20 Minutes a Day"

This one of a kind interactive and practical guide presents daily relationship tools,
structured sharing time and fun daily challenges with your mate!

Couples will learn how to communicate
better, resolve conflict and move forward
with anticipation for a brighter future.

The majority of our graduates have acknowledged the Love Recon event as a top five milestone in their lives. Now we're bringing some of these major tips and techniques to you in our newest and most rewarding publication to date.

We've done the studies and we know for a fact that 80% of couples who have already filed for divorce and have attended our live event were able to save their marriages…They not only stayed married, but they also felt like newlyweds after the retreat!

This same approach and techniques can be yours in this new book and will get you started down the path of relationship satisfaction and fulfillment.

This paperback book is an interactive and practical guide that presents daily relationship tools and skills, structured sharing time with your mate and fun daily challenges!

This is NOT your typical relationship self help
 It IS a pathway to refresh, restore and
your love, intimacy and connection like never before.

Find out how to have truly intimate and meaningful conversations

Learn what it means to accentuate the positive and focus on growth

Make your relationship thrive with true love and real passion

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  • Deepen Your Connection
  • Rebuild the Trust in Your Relationship
  • Develop Effective Communication Skills
  • Become an Effective Listener for Your Partner
  • Learn Healthy Conflict Skills
  • Rekindle and Increase Your Love
  • Learn & Fulfill Each Other’s Needs
  • Develop a Strategy for Future Success
  • Develop Relationship Awareness
  • Heal from Past Relational Damage
  • Increase Your Intimacy
  • Learn to communicate in a fresh and meaningful way and gain clarity and direction for your relationship.
  • Learn how to forgive each other and move forward in peace.
  • Gain the tools needed to enhance your life and relationship.

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"Good communication is essential for a healthy relationship... sharing your thoughts, feelings and emotions with a willingness to understand your mate’s perspective."

~ David Bishop, LoveRecon