September 16, 2020

Love Recon Sports-and-Your-Relationship-Tips-For-Her-pt1-of-2

For this blog, we will assume that he is the sports enthusiast in this relationship, and she is the lesser or disinterested one when it comes to sports. This blog is addressed, therefore, to her.

Before we look at the benefits of sports to your relationship, and to you personally, a few things should be considered.  First, you and your mate are two different people, and you will never be alike in every area.  You will have different preferences, ways to relax, food that you enjoy, etc. So, when it comes to sports, you may never be as enthusiastic or passionate about them as your mate is, and it is not the goal of this blog to convince you that you should be.   You will not change his love of the game any more than he will change what you love and are passionate about.

Having said all that, it is possible for you to learn to enjoy sports to the degree that they can become a bonding experience rather than a divisive one in your relationship. First, we’ll look at some of the benefits of sports to you and your relationship. Then we’ll address the “how” of using sports to strengthen your relationship.

Benefits of Sports to You and Your Relationship

  1. Decrease depression.  Whether it’s watching a game or a match or actually physically being involved, participating in sports can raise your endorphin levels, relieve stress, and provide an outlet for pent up emotions.  Further, sports keep you interested in life and give something to look forward to.  Wouldn’t you rather have a mate who is excited about life and a positive force like sports than one who was disinterested and depressed? 
  1. Increase satisfaction. To a sports fan, nothing feels better than a big win. To experience a championship victory, whether personally or vicariously, is extremely gratifying. It feels great to be on top, especially if one is not experiencing wins in other areas of life. When your mate feels like a winner and you celebrate with him, it’s a good thing! 
  1. Strengthen your relationship. Rooting for the same team or participating in a sports activity that you both enjoy will reinforce the bond between you. You will connect in playful and fun ways that might not happen otherwise. 
  1. Increase brainpower. Different parts of your brain that aren’t used in other activities are used in sports.  And then there are the strategies and statistics that are part of almost every sport.  Your brainpower increases as you exercise and use the different parts of it that would otherwise be dormant. 
  1. Extend your life. Physical activities that keep you moving and breathing will help you to live longer. Combined with eating well and getting enough sleep, sports are the key to a longer life. Playing on a team or inviting others to watch the game at your house increases social connection, another proven ingredient for increasing life span. 
  1. Help with weight control. To participate as a player in sports will usually require some sort of exercise. Even watching sports figures on television will often inspire you to work out and eat healthy as they do. 
  1. Increase self-esteem. This is a byproduct of all the benefits that we have looked at.  When your mind is sharper, your outlook on life is brighter, your body is more fit, and you are involved with other people, you will feel better about yourself.  You will be more self-confident and self-assured, which will reap rewards in your relationship.

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