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December 7, 2019

A Dozen Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

Holiday Strain in Your Relationship Can Trigger A Sex Life Crisis

Relationships can take quite a beating during the holidays. Surveys have found that the lead-up to the Christmas holidays is a peak time for relationship breakups, and post-Christmas also sees a ramp up in divorce rates amid a newly exposed sex life crisis.  When relationship matters are serious, its okay to seek marriage help.

Although sex is unlikely to fix serious relationship problems, research does show that it plays an integral part in long-term relationship satisfaction and happiness. In fact, couples who have sex once per week are significantly happier than those who don’t.

But holidays can feel busy and over-scheduled with seemingly little time for sex and intimacy with your spouse.   When the holiday cheer calls and office parties and family time are taking center stage, it’s all too easy to put your sex life on the back-burner. This will create an unwanted sex life crisis. Sex is a HUGE source of connection for you and your spouse and the holidays will be made even more memorable if you make the effort to connect sexually.

On the other hand, Christmas comes with a host of reasons that are likely to derail and sabotage your best efforts for romantic encounters. Spending the holidays with your parents and being relegated to a childhood bedroom, or even a couch can be a definite buzz kill, as can hosting family members from near and far.  On the other hand, this may be a time to learn about conflicts and how to deal with them. Stealing some time with your mate in the midst of all of this joyous celebrating can be tricky, but don’t let the holidays keep you from getting your groove on and enjoying special, romantic time with your spouse.

Fix a Temporary Sex Life Crisis: Healthy Sex is A Good Thing

Sex is healthy for your and its perks can be even more beneficial during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. The health benefits of sex include improved sleep, increased lifespan, and a boost to our brain power.  Plus, a little time between the sheets or under the Christmas tree — can help you to burn off some of those holiday calories!

If your last-minute holiday preparations are stressing you out, it’s worth bearing in mind that some relaxing time with your spouse might be just what you need. Sex is great for stress relief. One study revealed that stress-related blood pressure is significantly lower in people who recently had sex and suggested that the love hormone, oxytocin, might be behind this phenomenon.


So, if you are in need of some well-deserved stress relief but are finding yourself growing frustrated with a lack of opportunities for amorous encounters over the holidays, here are our tips to get your sex life off to a good start this Christmas.

  1. Make sex a priority.Be intentional about sex and don’t put it off until 2020! Although planning ahead for sex may seem “unromantic” to you, planning can be foreplay if you text or make remarks that let your mate know that you are anticipating your date.
  2. Make your time together special. Make some simple preparation with your favorite snacks and beverages. Get a sitter if possible.

In a 2017 survey Trusted Source of more than 2,000 18–91-year-olds in the United States, Prof. Brian Dodge of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion in the School of Public Health at Indiana University in Bloomington identified which sexual behaviors we prefer. The results revealed that 87.8 percent of us find cuddling more often very appealing or somewhat appealing. On top of that, 72.6 percent of us feel the same about watching a romantic movie.

There are seemingly hundreds of romantic Christmas movies this time of year, so how about snuggling up on the sofa to watch one of them? Once the rest of the household is in bed, you may just have an opportunity for some intimate moments.

  1. If you get the chance, take it!

In the same study, Prof. Dodge found that 77.4 percent of us think that having sex in another part of the house, rather than the bedroom, is appealing. If you are lucky enough to have the house to yourself for any period of time, why not go for it? If that’s not possible, sex in a hotel room was rated as appealing by nearly 80 percent of us. Plan a “shopping trip” and leave the kids with grandparents or a sitter.  While out “shopping”, get a hotel for a couple of hours… and don’t forget to pick up a gift or two before you go home!

  1. Talk about it

The importance of good communication about sex cannot be overemphasized.  There is plenty of evidence to suggest that our interest in sex wanes over the years spent with our partners. This is particularly the case for women, especially with the onset of menopause. Talking with your partner about your desires, expectations, or problems –whether you feel pain during sex or are just too tired after spending the day in full-blown holiday mode — means that you are less likely to lose interest in sex, revealed a study published earlier this year.


Make time to sit down and talk with your spouse about your views on the importance of sex during Christmas and the holidays.  Plan ahead together and it will greatly reduce the stress of wondering if and when you will have intimate couple time. If this subject is too difficult or painful to address, seek marriage help as soon as possible.  Sex, not only during the holidays, is an integral part of the marriage relationship and the bonding between the marriage partners.

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