How well do you know your mate and their story?

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How well do you know your mate and their story?

October 27, 2020

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Do you know your mate’s journey and their story?

When we first got married, it was for lust and we lived on passion. But after 30 years of laughter and tears, surviving trauma and financial hurricanes, we truly know what love looks like in practice. We now know each other – heart, soul and mind. There’s nothing like it! ~ Angie & Tony Craft, LoveRecon

How well do you know your mate? What do you find fascinating about them and their story? What have they shared with you about their life before you entered it? Could you tell their story?

One of the benefits of having a “soulmate” is that you can be known by them and they by you. This can create an intimate “oneness” in your relationship. It is a freeing feeling to beLoveRecon Know your mate body image fully known by your spouse and yet to be fully accepted and loved.

Do you remember the Journey Board that you drew on the first day of the LoveRecon? You actually drew a Relationship Journey Board in the LoveRecon and a Life Journey Board in the LifeRecon. There’s still one more that needs to be drawn by you… your mate’s!

Grab two sheets of paper – at least 8.5” X 11” and a couple of pens or pencils. Each of you take a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil and move to separate spots where you won’t be distracted by each other.

Once you have your spot, draw your mate’s Life and Relationship Journey on the sheet of paper. Include all the things that you know about them from their birth up until today.

You can do as you did in Love/LifeRecon and divide the page horizontally (landscape) with a line and put the positive experiences above the line and the difficult or sad ones below the line.

How does it feel to be known by your mate?

End with a hug, a kiss and a wish or prayer for your mate!

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: Do you remember your first date? Recreate it as closely as you can and recapture the experience! Or, what did you do when dating your mate that you no longer do? Go make that happen again, and just do it for no particular reason, “Just because I love you.”

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