October 7, 2022

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The Cure-For Us and Our Relationship

Emotional wounds cause us to build walls of protection. Lowering these walls is when the healing begins. ~ David Bishop, LoveRecon

We’ve all been hurt in one way or another in our lives. Some of you have been severely hurt throughout your life. When we get hurt or traumatized, we have a built-in response to protect ourselves.

Most of us build walls around our hearts and emotions to protect us from ever being hurt again. We make inner survival promises which aremarriage retreat for couples The Cure body promises we make to ourselves in moments of pain, vowing we will never allow anyone to hurt us again. These promises cause us to build walls. The walls we build usually work for us at the time in our lives when we are being hurt. However, when you allow the wall to remain up later in life, that wall begins to hurt you. Walls prevent you from allowing people in and also prevent you from allowing people, even your spouse, to love you. Many times, these walls we build to protect ourselves also prevent us from being able to love ourselves.

In the Love Recon, you were asked the question, “What “cure” do you need to put your life back on track and how would it change your life?”

Read aloud these questions and consider each one:

What is missing in your life?

What is hurt or broken in your life?

What is missing in your relationship?

What will it take to lower the walls around your heart?

What will bring you peace and joy?

What do you need to see your value and worth?

What will make you feel whole and complete?

What will it take for you to find yourself?

What do you need to be able to truly love yourself?

What is preventing you from living a fulfilled life?

What is preventing you from fully loving and being loved?

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About the author 

Cliff Poe

Cliff Poe is Founder and Lead Coach for Recon Coaching. He and his wife, Jeani, are Master Coaches and their passion is to help individuals and couples form healthy, lasting and satisfying relationships. Cliff has a M.Div. in pastoral counseling and ministry. He enjoys writing and coaching as well as his family which includes 2 adult kids and their spouses, 6 grandchildren and a fur family composed of a Golden Retriever and a Mackerel Tabby.

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