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Love Recon And Life Recon FAQ's

What are Love Recon and Life Recon?

The Love Recon and Life Recon are 4-day intensive group experiences in which individuals and couples participate in interactive drills, games and exercises that address the core issues blocking the love and happiness in their lives and relationships.

They are held on concurrent dates with the Love Recon being held in the daytime and the Life Recon being held in the evening.  The Love Recon and Life Recon have been said to be the equivalent of two years of therapy…but at a fraction of the cost!

What is the difference between Love Recon and Life Recon?

The Life Recon is the core of the set of seminars.  In the Life Recon everyone deals with their own personal issues and clearly defines who they are and what they want.  This is done separately from spouses or other family or friends who may be attending.

In the daytime Love Recon, couples work together on their relationship. Those who attend the Love Recon must attend the Life Recon as well.  It is possible to attend just the Life Recon, however.

Why is Love/Life Recon more effective than similar programs?

Don’t expect to come and listen to a lecture and fill up a notebook! LR is interactive and we employ a variety of learning styles including:

  • Visual – using pictures, images and spatial understanding
  • Aural – using sound and music
  • Verbal – using words, both in speech and in writing
  • Physical – using your body, hands and sense of touch
  • Social – learning in groups or with other people

Your LR experience will include solitary, one-on-one, small group and large group configurations as well.  Time will fly by as you engage in simulated real-life scenarios that will challenge and bring out the best in you.  LR is truly a transformative experience unlike any other!

Does Love Recon Offer Scholarships?

Yes, LR offers partial scholarships.

Partial scholarships are available for those who are in need of financial assistance. There are a limited number available for each event. Please do not request a partial scholarship in an attempt to receive a discount. It takes away from those needing the assistance to be able to attend. Partial scholarships are not available for travel, hotel or meal expenses. They can only be applied towards the registration fee. 

Please pre-register as soon as possible and contact us to request a partial scholarship application. You may inquire about our scholarship process by calling 866-218-1716 or by emailing Lisa at lisa@loverecon.org 

Why attend LR seminars?

We all carry our past emotional baggage and damage with us through life unless we find a way to effectively dump it!  Many try to rid themselves of it by the typical self-help methods of reading and/or watching videos and/or listening to lectures at a typical seminar.  In the LR you will actually put these principles into practice and walk through the healing and transformative drills and experience change on the spot!  One of our basic tenets is “You are not changed by what you know.  You are changed by what you experience!”

Who should attend?

LR programs are for everyone that wants to grow and enjoy a healthy life and relationships!

Love Recon is for couples all couples no matter your relationship status!  It’s for who want to fine-tune their relationship or enhance and deepen their love and intimacy.  Love Recon for couples who are struggling with communication, resolving conflict, dealing with past relational damage, losing connection or love, empty nesters to those dealing with infidelity.  Love Recon will supply you with the tools to help you find answers and solutions that you have been seeking. For those choosing to divorce, LR will help them move forward in peace as they co-parent their children.

Life Recon is for individuals, singles, divorcees and couples who want to heal from emotional baggage and damage and/or prepare for a healthy relationship will find what they’re looking for as well.  Individuals will increase their worth, value, self-esteem and love for yourself.  You will also learn how to set healthy boundaries and navigate life with a new perspective.

Can LR help if my spouse has been unfaithful, angry or abusive?

Yes, these are common issues that we help couples address and deal with in our programs. If you and your spouse are willing to work hard and “go deep” to find the root causes of the behavior.  The LR is a safe place to be honest and real, even raw, for the for the purposes of healing. We will help you address the issues, forgive, and begin to heal and move forward as individuals and then as a couple, if that is your choice.  We can’t do the work for you, but we can give you the tools to rebuild your lives and relationship.  Many couples have been able to do so.

Is LR for those seriously dating or engaged?

Both the LoveRecon and the LifeRecon are the best relationship work that you can do! And should you decide to get married, your honeymoon will last longer and your marriage will be more solid than you can imagine!

Can I attend LoveRecon without a spouse?

Love Recon is designed for couples to participate in together.  If you are single, or attending without your spouse, then the Life Recon is for you.

We are already separated or have filed for divorce. Can Love Recon help us?

Yes, we have an 80% success rate in saving marriages that have already filed for divorce! Even if you decided to proceed with the divorce after the LR, you could do so in peace so that your life and future relationships could be healthy.

Can anyone attend?

Yes, we recommend that attendees be at least 21 years of age.  However, if you are in the 18 – 21-year-old category and have experienced significant trauma and/or emotional pain you should do well do well and find significate healing during the program. Those 18 -21-year old’s that have been sheltered or haven’t had experienced hardship find the program to be very difficult. No one younger than 18 will be admitted.

How many people usually attend?

The number attending a particular event is irrelevant, really.  You will be working primarily in small groups, in pairs and individually, so whether there are 20 or 50 people, your experience will be the same!

Who will be leading the sessions?

Sessions are led by one or more of our team of skilled Directors, each of whom has between 16 and 28 years of experience in leading life and relationship seminars. In addition, well-trained and experienced facilitators, called Guides, will work with you and your small group.

Is LR spiritual?

People of all faith backgrounds are invited to attend Love Recon. No one, including the Directors or Guides, is permitted to push their beliefs on someone else, though participants are free to respectfully share their beliefs as it pertains to their life.

Our goal is to help all people experience a healthy and fulfilled life in all areas, including spiritual.  The majority of the time in LR is spent addressing emotional baggage and damage that is currently affecting your life and relationships.  Spiritual damage is addressed toward the end of the program.

May I miss some of the sessions?

Love and Life Recon programs are progressive in nature.  Each drill and activity builds on the next, each day builds on the previous day.  Missing one session will put you behind the group and keep you from getting the full experience and healing in your life and relationship.  Attendees are required to attend all sessions in the 4 day program.

What if I’m in counseling?

Love and Life Recon work hand-in-hand with counselors and you in your healing and growth. Counselors frequently refer their clients to us because the experiential nature of LR is a catalyst in growth and healing. We always encourage participants who are in counseling to report their experience back to their counselors after the seminar.

If you have questions that our FAQ didn't address, we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you have have. You can connect with us by emailing Lisa at lisa@loverecon.org or by calling 866-218-1716.