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May 23, 2019

Can I Go to Couples Therapy Alone

It’s Bad, I’m Hurting, Can I Go To Couples Therapy Alone?

Are you in a troubled marriage and your partner isn’t ready for the two of you to find help? You may decide to go to couples therapy alone. Ultimately, with the help of a professional counselor, marriage counseling can save your marriage. Experts say that if one spouse is ready to speak out and seek help, that marriage can be salvaged. If it’s bad, you can start and go to couples therapy alone.

Relationship counseling is essential for every couple or individual who is intentional about learning how to recognize and resolve the conflicts and above all to improve their relationships. So, if you are thinking about how you can rebuild and strengthen your marriage, or need help to make informed decisions as to whether to part ways or stick, you can go to couples therapy alone and talk about it.

Why Is Couples Therapy Important?

It is the desire of every couple to stay engaged forever and enjoy a wonderful marriage. But is this always possible? No! Issues arise and, if the two of you are not in a position to resolve your conflicts, the marriage relationship might be prone to end in an ugly divorce.

If your relationship is not working, it’s time to seek relationship counseling. Some individuals say that couples therapy doesn’t work, but that’s not true. Thousands of marriages have been saved through counseling. The success rate of any given marriage counseling depends not only upon the competency of the counselor, but on your attitude and willingness to work hard as well.

For couples who have been to counseling with no success, it’s not time to give up yet. Remember you have invested a lot in this relationship and you can’t afford to just let it Finding a different counselor with a good reputation and who is a better fit for you could be the next breakthrough for your relationship.

Will It Help If I Go To Couples Therapy Alone?

This has been one of the biggest concerns with partners whose spouses are not ready to seek marriage counseling. For one reason or the other, your partner may be hesitant to face a marriage counselor. An alternative may be to find a retreat to go to together. But this doesn’t mean that things end here. In fact, you can fix your marriage if you decide to go to couples therapy alone without the company of your spouse.

But how is this possible? There’s couples therapy for one. One of the reasons why many marriages suffer a lot is because couples take too long to agree on when to seek help from counselors. By the time the two of them make up their minds, the marriage is already at the verge of breaking apart.

So, if you are in the scenario where you want to seek professional counseling and your spouse isn’t for it, don’t shy off yet. The good news for you is the availability of couple therapy for one in most counseling institutions. This is the adoption of the traditional relationship counseling technique used with only one willing spouse.

You Can Get The Most Out Of Your Couples Therapy Today

The reason why most couples fail to experience breakthroughs in their marriages even after seeking professional help is because not many of them know how to get the most out of their marriage counseling.

As the name implies, couples therapy is anticipated for couples. Though going to couples therapy alone isn’t ideal, it’s worth every effort. You may use every trick to convince your spouse to come along with you as you find help for your marriage, but if he/she is still hesitant on the issue, you can sometimes find a lasting solution to your marriage issues alone. It is important to voice your concerns tranquilly and let your spouse know why you think marriage counseling might the best thing for your situation. It is also good to listen to your spouse’s opinion and understand why he/she is not for the idea. It is not always clear why many people are too fearful when it comes to attending marriage counseling.

Here’s The Secret!

Marriage counseling can save your marriage if you fail to make these mistakes many couples do. Whether you are married or engaged or planning to start living together soon, nurturing your relationship is the best thing to keep the two of you moving.

A lot of couples get into serious engagement with lots of expectations, some of which are unrealistic. Somewhere along the way they start experiencing troubled relationships or marriages. What happens is that majority of couples point fingers and blame their spouses for the mess. It therefore becomes troublesome to agree on even the simplest issues in the relationship. When your spouse doesn’t want anything to do with relationship counseling, you can’t afford to see a relationship you have so invested in go to ruin. Be the first one to seek help and your partner will thank you later.

Before you call a marriage counselor, you need to be clear on what you want to achieve. Going for couples’ therapy with unclear goals and wrong intentions will not be helpful. Remember, you are not seeking to tell the world that you’re right and prove  your point. You are simply trying to show that you’ve identified some areas in your relationship that require help from a professional to make your relationship what it was meant to be.

Have clear goals for what you want to achieve when you go to couples therapy alone or with your spouse. Be ready to cooperate with your counselor and work on the areas he/she advises. Be honest with yourself and stay focused on your goals. Be willing to work on yourself. The rest will follow.

What To Expect When You Go To Couples Therapy Alone

If you’re the only one committed to find help for your relationship, it may be required of you to carry the burden alone. Do not expect your spouse to join you in working on areas in your marriage that need change. It might take a while before he/she decides to work along with you. In the midst of the hardships and struggles, if you keep positive and stay motivated in your relationship counseling, things will start changing.

Be sure to apply every tool given by your counselor and, before you know it, your spouse will begin to admire the way you deal with issues that used to escalate into a real battle. If they are for the marriage, they might just start showing up…willing to participate and cooperate until the two of you achieve your dream relationship.  It all starts when you decide to go to couples therapy alone!

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