August 31, 2019

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Marriage Problems Can be a Root Cause to Anxiety and Depression

Marriage is one of the most precious gifts to humanity.  Surrounded by the special feeling love, it has the power to bring immense joy and happiness to those who are lucky to get it right and unfortunately, sorrow to those who struggle with their relationships.  Despite this, no one wants to take the chance of giving up on love and forgetting that something so beautiful as marriage can bring so much joy.  We all want it, of course.

But here goes the big question, “How well can you handle marriage problems when they come your way?”

As we all know, this union is supposed to be “for better or for worse.”  The moment you are in, you have no other option than to face both the good and bad aspects that might (will) come your way.  If all you keep getting are the negative aspects such as constant arguments, disappointments and fights, then depression and relationship anxiety will inevitably set in and begin its reign of your emotions.

If you’re in a marriage or relationship and you’re feeling depressed or overwhelmed with anxiety, there is a high probability that these two could be the result of the problems you are having as a couple.  Find out how to get help at our live seminar here. And in cases like this, the best you can do to get your life back is to get marriage help.   This will not only show you the way out of your depression but also show you new ways to how to heal your marriage and make it better.

Below are some examples of how marriage problems can cause relationship anxiety and depression as well as a few ideas on how to deal with them.

  1. Unequal Interaction Means Trouble

Couples often fail to understand the fact that a good level of interaction in all areas keeps a marriage healthy more than a great sex life together, which is often considered the holy-grail to a blissful marriage.  Communication is key here. When this starts lacking or your partner begins to feel they’re giving more when it comes to your level of interaction with each other, depression and relationship anxiety can begin to set in.

The “giver” in the relationship may begin to resent the “taker” and build up resentment and bitterness.  This anger, when stuffed down and suppressed, will often turn into anxiety and depression.

If you are more the “taker” in your relationship and your spouse is suffering from anxiety and depression, make a real effort to become more giving so that your relationship will be healthier and more balanced.  Getting personal counseling for each of you as well as marriage help together will help you get back on track and alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression.

  1. Sexual Rejection Follows Marriage Problems

As trivial as this may sound, sexual rejection is a real menace in marriages and is a high-risk factor in causing depression and relationship anxiety in one or even both people.  Meaningful sexual relations and connection have a way of improving the intimacy between couples and bringing their hearts together in a magical way like nothing else.  Depriving your lover of this wonderful experience of physical intimacy sends a signal to your spouse that you are disconnected from them and may be   gradually preparing to leave them.  The fear of losing a spouse is a real cause of depression and anxiety.

To prevent this from happening in your relationship, get marriage help.  Good marriage help will benefit you all you need to know regarding steps to take in reviving the desires that seem to have been lost between you and your spouse.

  1. Emotional Infidelity

This is a common marriage problem that many couples face in our society.  Here, one of the partners begins to care less about the other partner’s emotional needs and meeting those needs.   This action creates emotional disconnection and can separate you as lovers.  In seeking to fill the void, you may seek to get your emotional needs met somewhere else…maybe even with a co-worker.  The affected lover begins to feel left out of the marriage.  Even though there may not have been physical or sexual interactions, this sharing of intimate emotions with another will cause a serious rift between you both.  In turn, this will bring about pain resulting in depression and anxiety in the relationship.

If you are dealing with emotional infidelity, you can correct these emotional imbalances with marriage help and a serious commitment to move forward and grow together. The moment you can get this in place, you’ll learn how to go about making your marriage better by solving this emotional infidelity and learning how to keep it at bay.

  1. Fighting About Money Problems

It’s common that when two individuals bond in marriage their finances follow suit.  This means they share savings, expenses and other financial responsibilities and obligations.  In a case where one of the spouses is a reckless spender and the other is more of a cautious saver, the saver spouse can easily become irritated and pick fights over small things that are not related to their financial life.  This too may cause a rift in their marriage.  Money issues can be serious and very damaging if left unattended.

Because money is tied to security, significance and to the accomplishment of dreams, it is a very volatile area in marriage.  Money can be an emotional minefield in a relationship.  Lack of security , or the loss of social standing when money is tight, or the fear that you will never accomplish your dreams can all be causes of depression and anxiety.  These feelings can be alleviated with the right marriage help and financial counseling.

  1. Overstepping Boundaries in Marriage

As we all know, marriage is all about the union of two individuals.  Some may share several similarities in interests and goals and others may share very few similarities in these areas. Often, one of the partners takes extra steps to change certain things in their spouse to suit their taste.  If the other partner experiences negative thoughts from their partner’s attempt to change them, they may begin to feel disrespected or not good enough.

This can lead to anger and hurt which will, in turn, create certain levels of depression and anxiety in the heart of the spouse feeling disrespected or not good enough.  Getting sound marriage help will equally help to solve this kind of marital issue and help curb or put an end to the depression and anxiety.

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